There is a huge chance to learn new senses of valuesStudents’ VoicesFrom survey results in November/December 2020Larger freedom on decision-making日常的に海外の人たちと関わることができる。学びに対して真剣な学生が多い。SILSの同期のほとんどが顔見知り、もしくはfriend of a friendTAKEDA, RikoAdmitted in 2018 Graduate of Hsinchu International SchoolYou can learn a lot just by chatting with your friends!NAKATA, AiriAdmitted in 2018Graduate of Meikei High SchoolThe school allows exploration of our own interests at our own paceGIBBONS, Rebecca LoisAdmitted in 2020 Graduate of Epsom and Ewell High SchoolWhat do you like about SILS? What do you think is great about SILS?本当に色々な人がいるところ(日本から一歩も出たことがない人、留学生、帰国子女、理系、文系、大人し目の人、社交的な人、授業中突然議論し始める人)S Unique?

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