自由でいられる場所広く、しかし浅くなくEncountering different cultures with different point of viewsA warm place to learn all kinds of knowledgeUnitedOpen-minded新しい夢へと出会う場所Eye-openingIt’s not about obtaining knowledge, it’s about gaining wisdom and cultureTremendous amount of “exchanges” you have with others自分の興味・関心を広げるための手段。Inspirational!小さい地球Colorful世界の縮図HOSHMAND, ReinaAdmitted in 2018Graduate of Nagoya International Senior High SchoolGOTO, YusukeAdmitted in 2020 Graduate of Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa Kokusai Secondary Education School寄り道がたくさんできる4年間HOTTA, SakuraAdmitted in 2016  Graduate of Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High SchoolOut of the boxHow would you describe SILS in short?How would you describe the “Liberal Arts” curriculum at SILS?What MakesSIL

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