April 2022 Admissions Initial Year Fees (Unit: JPY)SemesterEntrance FeeSchoolExpensesTotalTuition FeesWaseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association FeesSpring 200,000 695,0001,500 896,500Fall ̶ 695,0001,500 696,500Total200,0001,390,0003,0001,593,000The Residence Life Center provides over 20 dormitories and helps to establish a network beyond the afliated schools, departments and nations. Below are the two major dormitories- WISH and WID WASEDA. If you would prefer to rent your own apartment, Waseda University Student Housing Center can assist.TuitionDormitoriesScholarshipsTuition, Scholarships and DormitoryScholarships and Financial Assistance Section: for International Education “Tuition and Aid”: ScholarshipsRecipients of the following scholarships are determined based on the results of admission to SILS. No prior application is required.Scholarships after EnrollmentWaseda University offers more than 100 scholarships, including those offered by external organizations. Students may apply for these scholarships by completing a scholarship registration for international students after enrollment.TypeEligibilityDurationAmountReserved Scholarship for Successful International ApplicantsApplicants with outstanding marks on admission evaluation(for international students)2 yearsJPY 500,000/year(=around USD 5,000/year)Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students1 year50% of annual tuition waivedResidence Life Center : stops by Metro (approx. 9 min)from Waseda StationCapacity872FeesJPY 53,000/month(includes utility fees)Possible Length of Stay2 years for April admissions and1.5 years for September admissions (freshmen only)MealsNot provided (shared kitchen available)Room TypeSingleRatio of NationalitiesInternational 35% : Japanese 65%WISHAccess5 min. to Waseda main Campus,11 min. to Toyama Campus,18 min. to Nishi-Waseda Campus (on foot)Capacity500FeesJPY 79,500/month(excludes utility fees)Possible Length of Stay1 – 4 yearsMealsAdditional fee required (JPY 17,100/month)Room TypeSingleRatio of NationalitiesInternational 30% : Japanese 70%WID WASEDA18

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