The School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) is founded upon a pair of pillars―in which students from different countries learn together using the common language of English―and “culture” ―through which students acquire new knowledge while combining a broad range of fields. Students learn cognitive techniques to resolve new, complicated problems, primarily in English, while receiving abundant support from faculty members.SILS makes it possible to hone multidisciplinary, cutting-edge, multifaceted perspectives on learning in a setting that attracts students and academics with excellent, diverse backgrounds from around the world. This environment enables students to experience the world while remaining in Japan. For International students, the four-year curriculum provides in depth classes in English as well as opportunities to immerse in the Japanese society and learn the language.Being varied means being tolerant. Accepting everyone’s failures and, at times, seeking to overcome those difficulties together―this is the climate that permeates through SILS. We welcome everyone who, even under the COVID-19 pandemic, strongly believes in their own potential and willingly seeks to break through barriers from a global perspective.Message from the DeanWelcome to SILS!Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws and Doctor of the Science of Law, Keio University; DES en relations internationales (Droit), Université de Genève (IUHEI)From April 2006 : Associate Professor at the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS), Waseda UniversityFrom April 2008 : Professor at SILS, Waseda UniversityFrom September 2018 : Dean of SILS, Waseda UniversityPROFILEIKESHIMA, Taisaku Dean / ProfessorSchool of International Liberal Studies Waseda UniversityLiberal Arts at SILS

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