Career PathOur alumni treasure the four years they spent at SILS. Many testify that they gained not only skill to communicate in English but also a range of other crucial attributes and competencies, including the drive to understand and respect different cultures, the ability to listen to and reason with others, the ability to act upon one’s ideas autonomously, and the mindset to think outside of the box. Many of our alumni have pursued a career on the world stage. Some have continued their research in graduate schools around the world, while others have gone on to work in Japanese or multinational companies. Waseda University Career Center is available to support our students. Students can also visit the Global Network Center for a broad range of support services. Soon after you enroll at SILS, you will benefit from well-made career guidance opportunities, including career seminars and internships.JOB FAIRSILS organizes company briefings exclusively for the students. The companies invited to these events operate globally and actively recruit SILS students.The briengs give students an opportunity to ask questions directly to the organization’s HR, as well as to SILS alumni working for the organization, with a sense of closeness not experienced elsewhere.In AY2020, the organizations invited to the events are as follows: Bloomberg, Rakuten, Mitsubishi, Accenture Japan, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, JETRO.INTERNSHIPDuring their four years at SILS, students may join internships at companies or organizations. These internships give students rst-hand experience in a job that is relevant to their intended career. Our unique internship program is organized by the Waseda University Career Center together with participating companies from around the world.In the past, students had placements in organizations such as the followings:The Japan Forum on International Relations, Mizuho Bank (Korea), Hilti Japan, the Japan Foundation, AXA Life InsuranceGRADUATE SCHOOL INFORMATION SESSIONWaseda University holds a yearly brieng for students and adults who are interested in enrolling at a graduate school in Waseda University. This event is open not only to those who have decided to enroll at a graduate school, it also welcomes rst- to third-year undergraduates who are thinking about advancing to the graduate level. In addition to this annual event, the Global Network Center provides one-on-one consultation for those interested in enrolling at a graduate school anywhere in the world.* “Intramural Selection by Recommendation” to the Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies (GSICCS) is the admission scheme provided for the undergraduates in Waseda University. Students who have experienced diverse and interdisciplinary studies at SILS, are provided with opportunities to challenge in further graduate level academic research at GSICCS.TEACHER’S LICENCESILS offers a program for obtaining a teacher’s licence to teach in Japan (class-1 English for junior high schools, class-1 English for high schools).Please visit the course registration page for more details. (Japanese Only)From AlumniDIOT, YulClass of 2020Works at Google JapanExpand your horizons and develop your skills to nd what you want to do nextWhen I say I am working at Google people often look at me as if I were a genius. The truth is I was a student with average grades from elementary school to Junior High and had a GPA of 2.5 at university, which is not even close to the Dean’s list. In my view, in order to achieve your highest career goal, the 4 years you spend at university should be used to expand your horizons by developing a sense of curiosity and a set of skills rather than to aim at becoming an academic genius. Indeed, at SILS I chose elds of studies I was not familiar with, which led me to unexpected discoveries and enabled me to foster a challenging mindset for myself. At the same time, I did several internships thus improving my understanding of the work environment. Those experiences have not only allowed me to acquire a position in the company of my dreams, but have also given me some precious skills to adapt to a variety of situations. Because of the actual pandemic, I have not set foot in the ofce yet since my 1st day. But after 3 months of virtual training where I learned theories of “know how”, I am currently consulting more than 100 companies in various elds. Every day, I need to update my knowledge to cope with new situations, and without the physical presence of my team members it can get very challenging. However, I feel that the skills I acquired during my 4 years at SILS prepared me well to overcome this kind of challenge. The importance of exibility and adaptability is growing in this fast changing world. Thus, I would say that whatever the career you are aiming for, it is crucial to be curious of new things and accumulate different kinds of experiences.16

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