adThe SILS-Sciences Po 5BM Programme is a competitive program (taught in English) designed for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from SILS and a Master’s degree from Sciences Po within 5 years (or 5.5 years for April-entry students). Students shortlisted by SILS and accepted by Sciences Po will be able to spend 2 years in Sciences Po after 3 (or 3.5) years of study in SILS. Every year, up to ve students from SILS will be shortlisted.Double Degree Program5BM ProgrammeWaseda University School of International Liberal Studies /Institut d’Etudes Politiques de ParisParis School of International Affairs & Urban SchoolBachelor’s Degree-Master’s Degree in 5 yearsWhat is The Urban School?The Urban School of Science Po educates talents who will shape tomorrow’s cities through a professionally-focused, critical and comparative approach. Regional and urban policy-making takes place everywhere, in the public and private sectors, at the local and international levels. The Urban School’s programs, which give high priority to gaining practical experience, prepare students and professionals for urban governance in all its forms. The school faculty brings together top scholars and practitioners from the urban planning and policy eld.Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)The Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), established in 2010, is a bilingual (English-French) professional school which offers future global actors an innovative and comprehensive grounding in international affairs. It is the only school of international affairs in France and among the largest in the world. PSIA attracts outstanding students, with 70% of its 1,500 students coming from 105 different countries. World-renowned professors and leading practitioners teach over 400 courses annually (70% of them in English) in the most salient elds of international affairs.Partner UniversitiesChinaFudan University (1 year program)Peking University (1 year program)Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1 year program)Hong KongChinese University of Hong Kong (2 year program)SingaporeNational University of Singapore (2 year program)TaiwanNational Taiwan University (1.5 year program)ThailandChulalongkorn University (2 year program)U.S.Earlham College (2 year program)This program enables students to study at highly esteemed partner universities for 1–2 years, and earn degrees from both SILS and the host institution, upon satisfying the designated requirements. Advanced reading and listening comprehension, and conversational skills of the local language are required. (Programs are currently available at the universities listed on the right.)From StudentThe Double-Degree Program with one of the world’s top-ranked universities is truly an enlightening experience.I strongly remember a senior on this program once told me, “If you want to just graduate SILS and get a job in Japan, this Double-Degree program is probably not for you.” This made me think so hard about if I really knew what I wanted to do for my future, and if I was making the right choice by applying to this program. It turned out, however, that he was not trying to threaten me at all, but exactly the opposite. The two years at NUS will be full of encounters with new ideas at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the peers you will meet there. There will be many enlightening moments that will make you think “There is just so much more to learn.” And this is probably how my senior felt too when I thought he was threatening me. It is the right choice to apply even if you are worried about a lot of things, because what awaits is the electrifying two years that will leave just so many of them behind.KAWAI, YugoAdmitted in 2017Graduate of Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School (Japan)Host Institution: National University of Singapore15

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