04Learning at SILSConcentration ProgramThis program is provided for students who wish to not only study a broad range of academic fields, but also wish to follow structured education in a specific eld. If they earn the required number of credits for the Concentration which they wish to complete, students will receive a certicate of completion upon graduation. Over 50 students complete this Concentration Program every semester.Fields of Concentration ProgramsAmerican StudiesEconomicsEuropean StudiesGlobal GovernanceHistoryInternational RelationsLinguisticsLiteratureMathematical SciencesMedia StudiesPolitical Economy of International DevelopmentFrom StudentAdmitted in 2017Graduate of Tagara High School (Japan)PERELLO, Jaya Joyce FeliciaChoosing the right Concentration for you can make your learning path in SILS better.The Concentration system allows SILS students to have a specialized eld and a more focused learning path. I pursued a Concentration in Media Studies because it is a topic that I am generally fascinated with and enjoyed the most. In my four years of taking Media Studies classes, I’ve learned that it is more than studying lm or pop culture. For instance, this eld made me understand and visualize society through the years by studying the trends and different media platforms. Also, it became an eye-opener for me to appreciate creative works more and recognize their capability to inuence people. My Concentration choice opened a golden opportunity for me not only to expand my knowledge but to also narrow my choices for my career path. By having a clear idea of which eld to specialize in, the students are more organized in selecting classes, especially when choosing an advanced seminar. From the points written above, I highly recommend to future SILS students to take on the challenge and nd a Concentration that suits them well.ProfessorISHIKAWA, RyuichiroFrom Faculty MemberToward the Acquisition of Expertise in SILSSILS offers a wide range of courses. Moreover, if you would like to specialize in a particular field, you may be unsure of what courses to take. The Concentration Program will give you a pathway to develop that specialization. SILS would like to give you “the most powerful weapon” to be successful in society by providing both a broad and insightful education and the expertise to think deeply. To acquire such expertise, students need to have a cumulative study of research fields that are systematized over a long time. The recent popular research in our society is just the tip of the iceberg. The Concentration Program gives a chance that you discover the larger feild under the tip of that iceberg.12

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