02Seminars and Introductory StatisticsLearning at SILSBasic calculus knowledge requiredClasses of Introductory Statisticsin Englishin Japanesein Englishin JapaneseBasic calculus knowledge NOT requiredAssociate ProfessorSTERENBERG, Matthew KaneSILS views statistics as an important fundamental knowledge for many areas of discipline, therefore students must take introductory statistics classes and earn credits before graduating. Students may freely choose from four different classes (on the right) which are prepared according to the students’ statistical knowledge and the medium of instruction in the class.Starting from the rst year, students take small-sized seminar courses, which encourage interactive learning in a group of approximately 20 students.SeminarsIntroductory StatisticsSemester1Semester2Semester3Semester4Semester5Semester6Semester7Semester8First Year Seminar B × 2 classes*Seminars in English *Mandatory for both SP1 & SP2Intermediate SeminarStudy Abroad*Mandatory for SP1/Optional for SP2Advanced Seminar × 3 classesFirst Year Seminar A × 2 classes*Seminars in Japanese *For SP1 only*Standard ModelDeveloping historical thinking through diverse topics.My Advanced Seminar is intended for students who want to develop their ability to think historically through reading, discussion, and research. Each semester we choose a topic and then read and discuss important historical scholarship and primary sources related to it. Past topics include changing ideas about human nature in the West, the Holocaust, and the cultural history of the Cold War. The seminar atmosphere is lively and students freely express their views.From Faculty Member*Students are required - to be enrolled in the same Advanced Seminar for 3 consecutive semesters- to complete a senior thesis in the last semesterTutoring Service for Introductory StatisticsIn addition to offering classes tailored to suit each student’s needs, SILS provides one-on-one tutoring services that assist students in acquiring statistical knowledge and solving the problems they might face in their statistics classes.10

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