01Clusters and Learning at SILSInterdisciplinarityExpertise7 Clusters7 ClustersIntroductoryCoursesIntroductoryCoursesIntermediateCoursesIntermediateCoursesAdvancedCoursesAdvancedCoursesTackle global chal from seven perspLife, Environment,Matter and InformationPhilosophy,Religion and HistoryEconomy andBusinessArticial Intelligence, Biology, Calculus, Data Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Programming, etc.History (Media, Physical Science, Region, Society etc.), Historical Survey, Philosophy, Religious Studies, etc.“Religions and Culture in Japan”About one of the courses you can learn in this ClusterAbout one of the courses you can learn in this ClusterAbout one of the courses you can learn in this Cluster“Basics of Life Science”“Economy of Russia: Historical and Modern Perspectives”Accounting, Advertising, Business, Game Theory, Marketing, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, etc.Knowledge of life science is becoming more and more important for our modern life. We study how our body is made, how we get sick, and what new technologies such as genome editing and iPSC bring us. The goal of the class is not only to gain basic knowledge in biology, but also to develop a skill to critically think and evaluate “facts” based on the evidence.Japanese culture has many fascinating features, but a large part of it is in some way related to religious thoughts. This course introduces the fundamentals of Shinto and Buddhism and their inuence on traditional Japanese arts, such as tea and Noh performance. The course is taken by Japanese and international students and provides opportunities for small-group interactive discussions.Economy of Russia is tailored to familiarize students with contemporary socio-economic transformations in Russia, as well as with international and regional economic developments involving Russia. This course offers perspectives on diverse topics in Eurasian studies, economic transition, comparative economics, and energy research. This class blends lectures with active learning sessions for individual and group assignments.ProfessorYOSHIDA, SatoshiAssociate ProfessorTRENSON, StevenAssociate ProfessorSHADRINA, ElenaKeywords〉〉Keywords〉〉Keywords〉〉8

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