Why Tokyo?As one of the world’s leading cities, Japan’s capital of Tokyo combines the best of traditional and modern cultures. Waseda University is located in Shinjuku ward, where Tokyo’s urban functions are concentrated. With several train lines running through it, this area is ideal not only for academics but also for a fullling student life complete with shopping, sightseeing, and leisure. One of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Tokyo is without a doubt one of the best places for international students to study. Tokyo is a big city and has global inuence rivaling that of New York, London and Paris. As the most populous city in the world, it serves as a gateway to Asia, and is a place where you can experience all the cutting-edge international trends. Tokyo is guaranteed to stimulate your intellectual curiosity!Tokyo has a lot of restaurants which serve excellent cusine. It is not all about high-end restaurants: there is also a wide variety of delicious yet cheap and casual food on oer. There is no other city in the world where you can enjoy cuisines from all over the world as you can in Tokyo.Meet the world in TokyoSpreading your wings and studying outside your country, you may be able to see a new side of your own country. It will broaden your horizons.Why don’t you discover your possibilities in Tokyo with your peers representing dierent countries from around the world?Find yourself in TokyoMeet Japanese culture in TokyoIn Tokyo, traditional temples and shrines are nes-tled alongside skyscrapers.With seasonal events and traditional festivals held throughout the year, Tokyo is a place where you can enjoy modern city life along with traditional culture.Even if you cannot speak Japanese, international students receive a warm welcome here, because Tokyo is the most hospitable city in the world.E-9

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