Message from student & graduateComing to Waseda was denitely one of the best decisions of my life from getting amazing educational experience to meeting life-long friends. Everyone here is really friendly, and I love the close-knit community that arises from similarities in interests. My favorite part as a bioscience major is the weekly laboratories. It was really interesting to learn about animal handling, and I feel it prepares me well for the future. Overall, I love being part of this community and I think you’ll enjoy it as well! studentFaculty & KeywordsASAHI, ToruBio Solid State PhysicsBANNAI, HirokoBiophysics, NeuroscienceGODA, NobuhitoMedical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of DiseasesHAMADA, MichiakiBioinformatics, Computational BiologyINOUE, MasatoProbabilistic Information ProcessingINOUE, TakafumiNeurophysiologyIWASAKI, HideoBiological Aesthetics/Art, Molecular MicrobiologyKIGA, DaisukeSynthetic Biology, BiochemistryLI, TianshuBiomaterials, Nanomedicine, Cell BiologyNOZAKI, ChihiroNeuroimmunology, Neuropharmacology, Pain, EndocannabinoidOHSHIMA, ToshioMolecular NeuroscienceOKANO, ToshiyukiPhotobiology, BiochemistrySATO, MasamitsuMolecular Cell Biology, Cytoskeletal RegulationSEMBA, KentaroMolecular OncologySHIBATA, ShigenobuPharmacology, Nutrients ScienceSUGIYAMA, KaoriBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Matrix BiologyTAHARA, YuChronobiology, physiology, PharmacologyTAKEDA, NaoyaBiomaterials, Soft Interface, Tissue EngineeringTAKEOKA, ShinjiScience of Biomolecular Assembly, Engineering of NanomedicineTAKEYAMA, HarukoBiomolecular Engineering and BiotechnologyTOYA, MikaCell biology, Molecular biology, CytoskeletonTSUNEDA, SatoshiEnvironmental BiotechnologyUYEDA, TaroMolecular BiophysicsYANAGITANI, TakahikoBiosensors, UltrasonicsMajoring in medical bioscience as an international program student at Waseda has been a tremendous privilege. I have been able to cross paths with my passion for neuroscience thanks to an extremely supportive environment. This experience has encouraged me to pursue a master’s degree in neuroscience at University College London. Currently, I am a medical writer and support regulatory submissions for new drug approvals. Waseda is a community full of opportunities and support. I hope you get to enjoy your time as an undergraduate student at Waseda University.Crossing Paths with my Passion and Lifetime Friends in a Supportive CommunitygraduateWaseda, a Home of Excitement and New ExperienceSUGAWARA, Amanda lisa( Japan)Medical Writer at Eli Lilly Japan K.K.KAMIKI,Eriko( Japan)E-25

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