Message from student & graduateAs an international student raised in Japan, pursuing my higher education at Waseda University has been a life-changing experience lled with wonderful memories. Majoring in Chemistry in the English-based Program not only grants access to world-class professors and facilities, but also provides the knowledge, opportunities, and challenges necessary to expand scientic frontiers. Embarking on this college journey, alongside a diverse group of creative and hard-working students from different majors has also gifted me with lifetime friendships. Having joined the Japanese Drum (Taiko) circle and having experienced Waseda’s rich culture through its vibrant campus life and festivals, I could not have asked for a more amazing college life.Waseda, a center of excellence for all disciplinesstudentFaculty & KeywordsFUKUNAGA, AkihikoEnergy MaterialsFURUKAWA, YukioStructural ChemistryGUEGAN Régis Physical ChemistryHANADA, Nobuko Materials Science, Chemical EngineeringHIRASAWA, Izumi Chemical Engineering, Separation Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering HOMMA, Takayuki Functional Surface Chemistry, Interface Electrochemistry HOSOKAWA, Seijiro Synthetic Organic Chemistry IMURA, KoheiPhoto-Physical ChemistryISHIHARA, KojiInorganic Reaction ChemistryKANOMATA, NobuhiroFunctional Organic Chemistry, Organic Stereochemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry KINO, Kuniki Fermentation Engineering, Microbial Metabolic Engineering, Applied Biochemistry KIRIMURA, KohtaroApplied Biochemistry, Microbial Functions Development KOHORI, Fukashi Chemical Engineering, Interface Engineering KOIDE, TakakiBiomolecular ChemistryMATSUKATA, MasahikoCatalytic Chemistry, Membrane Separation MOMMA, ToshiyukiApplied Electrochemistry, Chemistry of Energy Materials NAKADA, Masahisa Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Total Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds, Asymmetric CatalysisNAKAI, HiromiElectronic State TheoryNAKAO, YoichiChemical BiologyNODA, SuguruReaction Engineering, Materials Process Engineering OYAIZU, KenichiPolymer Chemistry SEINO, JunjiCheminformaticsSEKINE, YasushiCatalysis, Surface Ionics SHIBATA, TakanoriReaction Organic ChemistrySHIMOJIMA, AtsushiInorganic Solid State Chemistry, Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry SUGA, TakeoPolymer Chemistry, Functional PolymersSUGAHARA, YoshiyukiInorganic Materials Chemistry TEAH, Heng YiLife Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Assessment ; Environmental ChemistryTERADA, YasuhikoMolecular Biology & Cellular BiologyUMENO, DaisukeSynthetic Biology YAMAGUCHI, JunichiroOrganic Chemistry YAMAGUCHI, TadashiCoordination ChemistryYAMAMOTO, KanaSynthetic Organic ChemistrySAMPSON, Clarence rithvik( India)Studying at Waseda was an extraordinary experience. As a chemistry major, I was exposed to aspects of chemistry both theoretically and practically. I especially enjoyed the biomedical laboratory conducted at Tokyo Women's Medical University. This course was what ultimately motivated me to study biochemistry further. I recently started working as a research technician in a biology laboratory at ETH Zürich. It is a laboratory that focuses on studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind wound healing and skin cancer. The G30 programme is a perfect t for any international students like myself.How Waseda helped shape my futuregraduateETH ZürichResearch TechnicianOKUMURA, Rin( Japan)E-23

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