Message from student & graduateWaseda University enabled me to do all of these things. The International Program in Science and Engineering (IPSE) is one of few programs in Japan that offer a physics major taught entirely in English. My undergraduate years exposed me to the full breadth of subelds in physics before I picked a specialisation. In my graduate research, I often felt I was standing at the edge of human knowledge, paving the way forward with my fellow researchers. Now, I nd myself an independent learner, condent and ready to face whatever challenges await me.Expand your horizons. Discover new frontiers. Find yourself.graduateFaculty & KeywordsABE, HiroyukiTheoretical Particle PhysicsAOKI, TakaoQuantum Optics ResearchHARAYAMA, TakahisaNonlinear PhysicsHASEGAWA, TsuyoshiSurface and Interface PhysicsINOUE, AkioExperimental AstrophysicsKATAOKA, JunApplied Radiation PhysicsKATSUFUJI, TakuroComplex Quantum PhysicsKITA, TomohiroIntegrated Optical DevicesKOIKE, ShigeakiMathematical PhysicsMIZOKAWA, TakashiElectronic Correlation PhysicsMOCHIZUKI, MasahitoEmergent Materials PhysicsMORISHIMA, ShigeoImage Information ProcessingMOTZ, Holger MartinCosmic Ray PhysicsNAKAZATO, HiromichiFundamental Theory of Quantum MechanicsNIIKURA, HiromichiAtomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsOZAWA, TohruMathematical PhysicsSAWADA, HideyukiFundamentals and Applications of Pattern Information Processing TABE, YukaSoft Matter PhysicsTAKANO, MasatoshiTheoretical Nuclear PhysicsTAKANO, MitsunoriComputational BiophysicsTAKAYAMA, AkariSurface ScienceTAKEUCHI, AtsushiSemiconductor Device EngineeringTANAKA, MasashiExperimental Particle PhysicsTSUJIKAWA, ShinjiCosmology and Theoretical AstrophysicsUYEDA, TaroMolecular BiophysicsWASHIO, MasakazuHigh Quality Beam ScienceYAMADA, ShoichiTheoretical AstrophysicsYAMAZAKI, YoshihiroPhysics of Non-equilibrium SystemYASUDA, KenjiExperimental BiophysicsYORITA, KoheiHigh Energy Experimental Particle PhysicsYUASA, KazuyaTheoretical Quantum PhysicsJERA Co., Inc.LNG Portfolio Optimisation LEUNG, Pompey( United Kingdom)NAKAJIMA, Riki ( Japan)Living in Malaysia for almost my whole life, I was brought up in a multicultural community. Coming to Waseda felt just like home, welcoming me with a student-friendly atmosphere and an international environment. I enjoy studying physics because it unravels various mysteries of the universe in such a logical and concise manner. Since young, I loved playing sport and I’m glad to have joined the windsurng club, where I can meet students from various departments and create everlasting bonds with my teammates. I’m condent to say, I’m having the best time of my life!Waseda,, a home for any student in the worldstudentE-21

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