Message from student & graduateFaculty & KeywordsAKAGI, HirokazuSoil Mechanics & Geotechnical EngineeringAKIYAMA, MitsuyosiConcrete EngineeringESTEBAN, MiguelSustainability Science, Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Renewable EnergyFURUI, KenjiGeomechanics and Petroleum Production EngineeringHAYAMI, HiroshiAtmospheric & Environmental SciencesIWANAMI, MotoiStructural Engineering & Structural DesignKAMURA, KazuoGeo-environmental ScienceKITANO, NaohiroCity and Regional Planning, International DevelopmentKOIWA, MasakiHistory of Architecture KOMINE, HideoGeotechnical EngineeringKUBOTA, YujiEnvironmental and Occupational HygieneKURIHARA, MasanoriPetroleum EngineeringMORIMOTO, AkinoriTransportation PlanningMURATA, MasaruEnvironmental and Occupational HygieneONO, KiyoshiStructural MechanicsOKOCHI, HiroshiAtmospheric and Aquatic Environmental ChemistryOWADA, ShujiResources Recycling EngineeringSAKAKIBARA, YutakaWater Quality & Environmental EngineeringSASAKI, KuniakiUrban scienceSASAKI, YohUrban and Regional DesignSATO, YasuhikoStructural Engineering & Structural DesignSEKINE, MasatoRiver EngineeringSHIBAYAMA, TomoyaCoastal Engineering and ManagementTAKABATAKE, TomoyukiCoastal Engineering TAKAGUCHI, HirotoEnvironment MediaTOKORO, ChiharuResources and Environmental Processing EngineeringUEDA, TakumiExploration Geophysics WANG, HailongGeotechnical and Geoenvironmental EngineeringYAMAGUCHI, KatsunoriMaterials Processing EngineeringYANG, YizhouStructural Engineering & Concrete DurabilityComing to Waseda University was a dream come true for me. I have always admired the strength students show in and out of class. With the diverse background of students and staff, I am able to learn a lot from people and about their cultures which I believe is very useful for what I am currently studying. While in Waseda, I believe that I would be able to get the quality education in civil and environmental engineering to bring about sustainable living and development to Japan and my home country, Sierra Leone. Waseda, A Nurturing Castle Filled With Rooms Opportunities studentMANNEH, Iysatta( Sierra Leone)I studied Civil and Environmental engineering at Waseda and focused on disaster management research in my last year. I was lucky to have had great relationships with my professors and to have met wonderful and motivating friends. My year in Shibayama laboratory inspired me to focus on hydraulic engineering and I pursued my masters at one of the best institutions in the eld, TU-Delft in the Netherlands. Today I assess dam safety and simulate complex hydrodynamic processes to nd creative solutions as a hydraulic engineer at Sweco, a technical consultancy in Sweden.Waseda opened a path for me to EuropegraduateSwecoHydraulic engineer OKUMURA, Non( Japan)E-19

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