Message from student & graduateWaseda University has been the pioneer in providing high quality English programs in Japan. The warm and welcoming environment allows us to collaborate and learn deeply with students from all backgrounds. Besides, the Japanese language classes and electives provided in Japanese act as a bridge connecting us to the industries and the local society. Studying mechanical engineering here gives students access to laboratories of a wide-range of subelds. I believe that this is the place where we could challenge our own and stimulate innovations.Waseda, the place fostering the creators of futurestudentFaculty & KeywordsARIGA, TakashiUrban and Environmental DesignCOSENTINO, SarahEnaction, Affective ComputingGOTO, MasayukiResearch on Applied Information ScienceHASUIKE, TakashiResearch on Mathematical Decision MakingHISHIYAMA, ReikoResearch on Intelligent Information SystemISHIDA, ToruArtificial Intelligence, Social InformaticsISHII, HiroyukiBioroboticsISHIMURA, KoseiDesign of Structures and MechanismsIWASAKI, KiyotakaBiomechanical and Biomedical EngineeringIWATA, HiroyasuHuman Assistive and Augmentation Robotics/ Medical RoboticsKAMEZAKI, MitsuhiroSmart Human-Machine Interface and Interaction/ Mobile and Field RoboticsKANEKO, ShigehikoResearch on Systems MechanicsKISHI, TomojiResearch on Software EngineeringKOMATSUBARA, AkinoriResearch on Human Life EngineeringKUSAKA, JinThermal Energy Conversion MATSUDA, YuThermo-Fluid Engineering, Visualization techniques for thermo-uid phenomenaMIYASHITA, TomoyukiDesign Methodology of Mechanical SystemMORI, YasuakiResearch on Intellectual Property ManagementMUNECHIKA, MasahikoResearch on Quality ManagementMYERS, CoreyResearch on Mineralization of Carbon DioxideNAKAGAKI, TakaoResearch on Exergy EngineeringOHMORI, ShunichiResearch on Logistics EngineeringOHYA, JunImage EngineeringSUGANO, ShigekiIntelligent MachineTAKAGUCHI, HirotoEnvironment MediaTAKAHASHI, ShingoResearch on Systems Science and EngineeringTAKANISHI, AtsuoRobotics and MechatronicsTAKIZAWA, KenjiFluid-Structure InteractionTANABE, Shin-ichiArchitectural EnvironmentUEMICHI, AkaneEnergy system mechanicsUMEZU, ShinjiroMicro/ Nano EngineeringWESUGI, ShigeruCo-creative Interface DesignYOSHIDA, MakotoTransporters & Energy Plants Materials Science and EngineeringYOSHIMOTO, KazuhoResearch on Logistics EngineeringYOSHIMURA, YasutakaResearch on Urban-techLIN, Leo( USA)Things I learned at WASEDAgraduatePHISON electronics AI EngineerMA, Yi-Hsiang( Taiwan)My name is MA Yi-Hsiang, I completed my research thesis under the supervision of Professor Takanishi and Professor Cosentino.Lab members are experts from all over the world, we shared cultural perspectives and insights during research activities and travel, made me feel the LAB as a HOME. We overcame the technical difculties and logistical challenges of research cooperating not only as colleagues, but connected as a FAMILY. These people taught me that my opinions should not be determined by the society, but should reect my own personal point of view. I sincerely appreciated Waseda for broadening my horizon and shaping me into a more mature and condent person.E-17

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