studentMessage from student & graduateMajoring in mathematics in Waseda not only provides me with the opportunity to learn a variety of topics in math, but also allows me to minor in the eld I’m interested in. In addition to courses in the faculty of science and engineering, I also got to study some subjects in liberal arts. Starting this year, I was able to focus on the topic I like and develop practical skills in applying what I have learnt in a laboratory. I enjoy my life here in Waseda and look forward to the upcoming years. A fulfilling university lifeFor those that were born and bred in cultures that are distant to that of Japan, Waseda might be your sole option in Japan owing to its holistic international courses. Being a part of Waseda grants you the access to one of the most diverse academic environment and the most inuential alumni network in Japan. Make use of your resources in Waseda wisely, and it sure will become a shortcut to many of your goals.Perks of WasedagraduateFaculty & KeywordsBOWEN, MarkNonlinear SystemsFUNAKI, TadahisaProbability TheoryGUEST, MartinGeometryHAYAMIZU, MomokoDiscrete MathematicsHOMMA, YasushiDifferential GeometryIKEDA, TakeshiGeometry, Representation Theory and Combinatorics ITO, KimihisaMathematical Materials EngineeringKAJI, HajimeAlgebraic GeometryKASHIWAGI, MasahideNumerical AnalysisKAWASHIMA, ShuichiPartial Differential EquationsKOJIMA, SadayoshiTopologyKOYAMA, AkiraTopologyKOZONO, HideoFunctional Analysis, Non-linear Partial Differential EquationsKUTO, KousukeNonlinear Partial Differential EquationsMARUNO, KenichiMathematical PhysicsMATSUSHIMA, ToshiyasuInformation Theory and its ApplicationsMIEZAKI, TsuyoshiAlgebraic CombinatoricsMURAKAMI, JunTopologyNAGAI, YasunariAlgebraic GeometryNARITA, HiroakiNumber theory and Automorphic formsOISHI, ShinichiVerification of Accuracy of Numerical Computations and ApplicationsOZAKI, ManabuAlgebraic Number TheorySHIBATA, YoshihiroPartial Differential EquationsSHIMIZU, YasutakaMathematical Statistics and Applied ProbabilityTAKAHASHI, DaisukeNonlinear Dynamical SystemTANAKA, KazunagaNonlinear AnalysisTANIGUCHI, MasanobuStatistical ScienceTOYOIZUMI, HiroshiApplied ProbabilityTRINH, Khanh DuyProbability Theory and Applied ProbabilityUSUBA, ToshimichiMathematical Logic, Set TheoryYAMAZAKI, MasaoPartial Differential EquationsYONEDA, GenTheory of RelativityGraduate School of Fundamental Science and EngineeringCHEN, Chung-an( Taiwan)SHUEI, Harumi( Japan)E-13

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