Career and Academic Route* In the English based program, the department opens only for the Doctoral Program•For information about the Japanese-based program, please refer to the latter half of this brochure for information in Japanese.•Students are required to pass an entrance exam in Japanese in order to enter the Japanese-based graduate program after graduating from the undergraduate English-based program.Department of Pure and Applied MathematicsDepartment of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace EngineeringDepartment of Electronic and Physical SystemsDepartment of Computer Science and Communications EngineeringDepartment of Intermedia StudiesDepartment of Materials Science*Graduate School of Fundamental Science and EngineeringDepartment of ArchitectureDepartment of Modern Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering*Department of Business Design & Management*Department of Civil and Environmental EngineeringDepartment of Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental EngineeringGraduate School of Creative Science and EngineeringDepartment of Pure and Applied PhysicsDepartment of Chemistry and BiochemistryDepartment of Applied ChemistryDepartment of Life Science and Medical BioscienceDepartment of Electrical Engineering and BioscienceDepartment of Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical EngineeringDepartment of Nanoscience and NanoengineeringCooperative Major in Nuclear Energy*Graduate School of Advanced Science and EngineeringGraduate School of Information, Production and SystemsGraduate School of Environment and Energy EngineeringUndergraduate schoolsCompanies and OrganizationMasterDoctorGraduate schoolsBachelorMajor in Mathematical SciencesMajor in Computer Science and Communications EngineeringSchool of Fundamental Science and EngineeringMajor in Mechanical EngineeringMajor in Civil and Environmental EngineeringSchool of Creative Science and EngineeringMajor in PhysicsMajor in ChemistryMajor in BioscienceSchool of Advanced Science and Engineering•You can not transfer from the English-based program to the Japanese-based program.E-11

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