English-based Undergraduate ProgramMost diverse elds of science and engineering offered in an International Program in JapanIn 2010, the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University became one of the rst institutions in Japan to introduce an English-based Program, offering students the opportunity to acquire an undergraduate degree solely taught in English. This program has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.From April 2018, the undergraduate “English-based Program” was reorganized with education and research programs strengthened through the addition of new disciplines and by boosting faculty numbers. Based around this world-class program, we aim to create new value through the mutual stimulation of a diverse student body and by building the best possible environment for education in science and engineering.The English-based program of the Faculty of Science and Engineering covers a wide range of scientic and engineering disciplines. We offer unique specialized courses that cannot be found in the international science programs of other universities in Japan. Please try to nd your eld of interest among the Majors and their keywords introduced from page 12.•Seven Major courses covering a broad range of science and engineering elds have been established over three undergraduate schools. Students in the undergraduate English-based Program obtain degrees in each Major upon conducting studies across the entire curriculum in English. (The type of degree you can obtain depends on the chosen course.)•In their rst and second years, students mainly take courses aimed at acquiring the foundational knowledge required in all elds of science and engineering, while preparing to take the specialized courses under each Major that begin from the second year. During graduation research, students are assigned to a research laboratory or seminar and work on compiling their graduation thesis under the direct guidance of their supervising professors.•Students enrolling in September are required to take Japanese language courses, and they may take the courses offered by the university's Center for Japanese Language.AprilentranceSeptember entranceAprilAprilAprilAprilApril1st2nd3rd4thSept.Sept.Sept.Sept.Sept.1st2nd3rd4thForeign language subjects / humanities and social science subjects / scientic and engineering subjectsSeminars / research projects / graduation thesisSpecialized courses / interdepartmental specialized coursesEnglish preparatory coursesForeign language subjects / humanities and social science subjects / scientic and engineering subjectsSpecialized courses / interdepartmental specialized coursesJapanese language coursesSeminars / research projects / graduation thesisE-10

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