SSSSchool ofSocial SciencesBecome a Social InnovatorIntroductionFeaturesSchool of Social SciencesThe aim of the TAISI Program is to create “Social innovators” and train students to become leaders for social change. Students in the TAISI Program will not only gain general knowledge in the social sciences, but also practical and specialized knowledge. This is provided through eldwork and theoretical courses in the following four elds: Community & Social Development, Peace Building & International Cooperation, Economic & Environmental Sustainability, and Social Organizations & Working. As the world continues to globalize and advance, it has become increasingly important that as citizens of the world, students need to not only approach global issues from an international perspective, but also discover and implement more eective, sustainable, and fair solutions to these issues.Hands-on ExperienceStudents will engage in either on-site research or classroom simulation to nd feasible and sustainable solutions to social issues.Multidisciplinary ResearchStudents study the social sciences via a broad base of multidisciplinary and foundational knowledge with a focus on four elds.Japanese Perspective Students study these elds from the Japanese perspective and investigate whether Japanese methods can be applied or adopted.The TAISI program promotional video is now on YouTube !Please use the following QR code or URL.Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation ProgramTAISIhttp://bit.ly/taisi-pv6WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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