B.A. in Global Political EconomyPOLECONDegreesCurriculumOur three majors are dened through credit requirements that specify a mix between political science and economics.Political SciencePolitical AnalysisContemporary/Japanese PoliticsPolitical Communication, Political Institutions, Political Behavior, Political Economy, etc.Comparative PoliticsComparative Democratization, Politics of Western Europe, Politics of East Asia, etc.International RelationsInternational PoliticsInternational Organization, International Political Economy, International Relations, etc.Public PhilosophyPublic PolicyPublic Policy, Public Administration, Local Government, NGOs, etc.Political Thought and Political HistoryJapanese Political Thought, Western Political Thought, Constitutionalism, Political Theory, etc.EconomicsMicroeconomicsMacroeconomicsEconomic PolicyLabor Economics, Health Economics, Environmental Economics, Political Economics, Law and Economics, etc.International EconomicsDevelopment Economics, Asian Economy, Spatial Economics, Resources and Food, etc.Intermediate Micro/MacroeconomicsJapanese Economy, Advanced Micro/Macroeconomics, Welfare Economics, Public Economics, etc.FinanceMoney and Banking, International Trade, International Finance, Public Finance, etc.Economic HistoryJapanese Economic History, Global Economic History, Economic Thought, Institutional Analysis, etc.MethodologyGame Theory Mathematical AnalysisAdvanced Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Mathematical Economics, etc.Statistics EconometricsQuantitative Analysis, Network Analysis, Applied Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, etc.SeminarsBasic SeminarIntermediate SeminarAdvanced Seminar, ThesisAcademic Writing, Japanese and Other Languages, General Studies, Internships, etc.Study Abroad Programs Exclusively for SPSE StudentsIn addition to the University's study-abroad programs, SPSE runs programs exclusively for SPSE students.Double-Degree ProgramsNational Taiwan University TaiwanThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong KongSelected Exchange ProgramsCity University of Hong KongHong KongVictoria University of WellingtonNew ZealandVU University AmsterdamNetherlandsUniversity of MilanItalyUniversity of TromsøNorwayIÉSEG School of ManagementFrance3+1 Consecutive Degree Program with the University of Essex, EnglandUnder the innovative "3+1" program, accomplished students at SPSE complete their B.A. at Waseda in three years and proceed to a prestigious one-year Master's program in Economics (e.g. MSc Economics, MSc Financial Economicsand Accounting) at Essex.・Bachelor of Arts in Political Science・Bachelor of Arts in Economics・Bachelor of Arts in Global Political EconomyPOLECONB.A. in EconomicsB.A. in Political SciencePOLECONIntroductionFoundationSpecializationFor details, please visit the website5WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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