20010030010010020020030030000Developing Universal Skills and Theoretical SpecializationPSESchool of Political Scienceand EconomicsIntroductionFeaturesSchool of Political Scienceand EconomicsThe School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE) is one of the original academic units established when Waseda University was founded in 1882. The synthesis of the study of political science and economics was innovative at that time and lies at the cutting edge of contemporary academia, both in Japan and globally. The School remains true to its founding goal of advancing scientic understanding of political and economic phenomena.SPSE oers specialized degree programs in political science and economics that are fully comparable in quality to majors in these disciplines at top universities in North America and to the respective honors degree programs at leading UK universities. Our curriculum provides a systematic progression from introductory to advanced courses, and emphasizes quantitative methods and data analysis, which have become particularly sought-after skills in recent years. Students may select from a wide-range of specializations oered by our faculty.Specialized DegreesLearn in depth and systematically through specialized coursework in political science and economics2980%Countries/RegionsInternationalStudents20%JapaneseStudentsInternational Faculty with Genuine International ExperienceInternational and distinguished faculty with extensive experience at leading universities worldwideGlobal Learning EnvironmentOur students come from many countries and regions around the world.Fully Bilingual ProgramMost courses oered in English and in JapaneseWorking Closely with ProfessorsSmall, discussion-based courses ("seminars") with professors, from the rst year to the nal yearDevelop Core Methodological Skills Mathematics, statistics, game theory, experimental methods, network analysis, text analysis, and programmingProduction Function(As of May 2020)4WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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