ExpensesPersonal expenses will depend on the student's individual lifestyle. The estimates above are for reference only.At a rate of 110 yen per dollar.TuitionLiving ExpensesSchoolExpenses (JPY)Expenses (USD)Political Science and Economics1,206,50010,968Social Sciences1,178,01010,709International Liberal Studies1,593,00014,482Culture, Media and Society1,213,00011,027Fundamental Science and Engineering1,721,00015,645Creative Science and Engineering1,751,000 - 1,753,00015,918 - 15,936Advanced Science and Engineering1,769,00016,082Expenses (JPY)Expenses (USD)Accommodation75,000681Food and utilities27,000245Other personal expenses19,000172Total121,0001,100Estimated Living Expenses (1 month)First Year ExpensesThe above amounts are for September 2021 enrollment, including the admission fee (JPY 200,000), regular tuition fee and various administrative fees.At a rate of 110 yen per dollar.25WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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