ScholarshipsExamples of Waseda Scholarships11848% of international undergraduate students receive a scholarship*Numbers below are as of March 2020.Scholarship nameAmountWhen you registerYamada Taikichi and Asa ScholarshipJPY 1,000,000/yearAfter enrollmentReserved Scholarship for Successful International ExamineesJPY 500,000/2 yearBefore enrollmentWaseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students50% of annual tuition waivedBefore enrollment / After enrollmentOkuma Memorial ScholarshipJPY 400,000/yearBefore enrollment / After enrollmentAzusa Ono Memorial Scholarship for International StudentsJPY 400,000/yearAfter enrollmentScholarships provided by Waseda 231,000,000 yena year per studentMaxScholarships provided by external organizations that are available at Waseda24WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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