Faculty & KeywordsMajor in BioscienceThe Bioscience Major fuels discovery in Life Science and innovation for medical practice by providing fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge and techniques to explore the diversity of living systems. In addition to Bioscience major-specic disciplines, students will receive basic training in core scientic elds such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, and information science. To gain practical skills, laboratory sessions will be incorporated to cover experimental techniques across the full spectrum of physical, chemical and biological sciences.NameResearch AreaASAHI, ToruBio Solid State PhysicsBANNAI, HirokoBiophysics, NeuroscienceGODA, NobuhitoMedical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of DiseasesHAMADA, MichiakiBioinformatics, Computational BiologyINOUE, MasatoProbabilistic Information ProcessingINOUE, TakafumiNeurophysiologyIWASAKI, HideoBiological Aesthetics/Art, Molecular MicrobiologyKIGA, DaisukeSynthetic Biology, BiochemistryLI, TianshuBiomaterials, Nanomedicine, Cell BiologyNOZAKI, ChihiroNeuroimmunology, Neuropharmacology, Pain, EndocannabinoidOHSHIMA, ToshioMolecular NeuroscienceOKANO, ToshiyukiPhotobiology, BiochemistryNameResearch AreaSATO, MasamitsuMolecular Cell Biology, Cytoskeletal RegulationSEMBA, KentaroMolecular OncologySHIBATA, ShigenobuPharmacology, Nutrients ScienceSUGIYAMA, KaoriBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Matrix BiologyTAHARA, YuChronobiology, Physiology, PharmacologyTAKEDA, NaoyaBiomaterials, Soft Interface, Tissue EngineeringTAKEOKA, ShinjiScience of Biomolecular Assembly, Engineering of NanomedicineTAKEYAMA, HarukoBiomolecular Engineering and BiotechnologyTOYA, MikaCell biology, Molecular biology, CytoskeletonTSUNEDA, SatoshiEnvironmental BiotechnologyUYEDA, TaroMolecular BiophysicsYANAGITANI, TakahikoBiosensors, UltrasonicsTWIns (Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences)Waseda University and Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU) has established this facility as a center for interdisciplinary research that cuts across medicine and engineering. From the Faculty of Science and Engineering, students who mainly study life sciences and biomedical engineering participate in pioneering research in the life and medical elds that cross over their respective areas of specialty.TWIns mainly oers graduate school education, including a master's program and a doctoral program, while at the undergraduate level, second-year and third-year students use the institute for laboratory practice, and fourth-year students assigned to its laboratories use them to do their graduation work.*TWIns: Tokyo Women's Medical University – Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical SciencesBioscience unveils the “secrets” of life for its application to advanced medical practiceDegrees・Bachelor of Science・Bachelor of Engineering17WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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