Degrees・Bachelor of Science・Bachelor of EngineeringDegrees・Bachelor of Science・Bachelor of EngineeringSchool of AdvancedScience and EngineeringLet's acquire the solid basis for exible thinking!A chemical connection to the worldFaculty & KeywordsFaculty & KeywordsMajor in PhysicsMajor in ChemistryThe Major in Physics will provide you with a solid basis in physics, which strengthens your way of logical and scientic thinking and enables you to pursue cutting-edge researches on pure and applied physics. You can systematically learn the fundamentals in classical and modern physics and the basics in the physics-based engineering. In the graduation thesis, you may discover as-yet-unknown phenomena in physics, break new ground in the discipline, and develop epoch-making technologies. The faculty members who are well-versed in a wide area of physics are looking forward to enjoying physics with you!Chemistry concerns the study of matter by exploring the frontiers of the science. Pursuing the study of Chemistry at Waseda University will provide you a solid understanding of the subject, while challenging on ambitious scientific goals: enhance the chemical reactivity, analyze biochemical processes, develop biomimetic materials, design new molecular architectures, model the behavior of matter at a molecular scale, and understand enzyme activities. From quantum mechanics to the innovation of advanced materials, the departments of Applied Chemistry as well as Chemistry and Biochemistry will guide you to explore your career prospects in industrial sectors through close collaboration with industry, or in the academic eld with a possibility to obtain a doctoral degree in chemistry.NameResearch AreaABE, HiroyukiTheoretical Particle PhysicsAOKI, TakaoQuantum Optics ResearchHARAYAMA, TakahisaNonlinear PhysicsHASEGAWA, TsuyoshiSurface and Interface PhysicsINOUE, AkioExperimental AstrophysicsKATAOKA, JunApplied Radiation PhysicsKATSUFUJI, TakuroComplex Quantum PhysicsKITA, TomohiroIntegrated Optical DevicesKOIKE, ShigeakiMathematical PhysicsMIZOKAWA, TakashiElectronic Correlation PhysicsMOCHIZUKI, MasahitoEmergent Materials PhysicsMORISHIMA, ShigeoImage Information ProcessingMOTZ, Holger MartinCosmic Ray PhysicsNAKAZATO, HiromichiFundamental Theory of Quantum MechanicsNIIKURA, HiromichiAtomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsOZAWA, TohruMathematical PhysicsNameResearch AreaFUKUNAGA, AkihikoEnergy MaterialsFURUKAWA, YukioStructural ChemistryGUEGAN Régis Physical ChemistryHANADA, Nobuko Materials Science, Chemical EngineeringHIRASAWA, Izumi Chemical Engineering, Separation Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering HOMMA, Takayuki Functional Surface Chemistry, Interface Electrochemistry HOSOKAWA, Seijiro Synthetic Organic Chemistry IMURA, KoheiPhoto-Physical ChemistryISHIHARA, KojiInorganic Reaction ChemistryKANOMATA, NobuhiroFunctional Organic Chemistry, Organic Stereochemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry KINO, Kuniki Fermentation Engineering, Microbial Metabolic Engineering, Applied Biochemistry KIRIMURA, KohtaroApplied Biochemistry, Microbial Functions Development KOHORI, Fukashi Chemical Engineering, Interface Engineering KOIDE, TakakiBiomolecular ChemistryMATSUKATA, MasahikoCatalytic Chemistry, Membrane Separation MOMMA, ToshiyukiApplied Electrochemistry, Chemistry of Energy Materials NameResearch AreaSAWADA, HideyukiFundamentals and Applications of Pattern Information Processing TABE, YukaSoft Matter PhysicsTAKANO, MasatoshiTheoretical Nuclear PhysicsTAKANO, MitsunoriComputational BiophysicsTAKAYAMA, AkariSurface ScienceTAKEUCHI, AtsushiSemiconductor Device EngineeringTANAKA, MasashiExperimental Particle PhysicsTSUJIKAWA, ShinjiCosmology and Theoretical AstrophysicsUYEDA, TaroMolecular BiophysicsWASHIO, MasakazuHigh Quality Beam ScienceYAMADA, ShoichiTheoretical AstrophysicsYAMAZAKI, YoshihiroPhysics of Non-equilibrium SystemYASUDA, KenjiExperimental BiophysicsYORITA, KoheiHigh Energy Experimental Particle PhysicsYUASA, KazuyaTheoretical Quantum PhysicsNameResearch AreaNAKADA, MasahisaSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Total Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds, Asymmetric CatalysisNAKAI, HiromiElectronic State TheoryNAKAO, YoichiChemical BiologyNODA, SuguruReaction Engineering, Materials Process Engineering OYAIZU, KenichiPolymer Chemistry SEINO, JunjiCheminformatics SEKINE, YasushiCatalysis, Surface Ionics SHIBATA, TakanoriReaction Organic ChemistrySHIMOJIMA, AtsushiInorganic Solid State Chemistry, Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry SUGA, TakeoPolymer Chemistry, Functional PolymersSUGAHARA, YoshiyukiInorganic Materials Chemistry TEAH, Heng YiLife Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Assessment ; Environmental ChemistryTERADA, YasuhikoMolecular Biology & Cellular BiologyUMENO, DaisukeSynthetic BiologyYAMAGUCHI, JunichiroOrganic Chemistry YAMAGUCHI, TadashiCoordination ChemistryYAMAMOTO, KanaSynthetic Organic Chemistry16WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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