Degree・Bachelor of EngineeringDegree・Bachelor of EngineeringCSESchool ofCreative Scienceand EngineeringCreate New Pages of Mechanical Engineering with usWe create a new environment in the pursuit of a sustainable society.Faculty & KeywordsSchool of CreativeScience and EngineeringMajor in Mechanical EngineeringMajor in Civil and Environmental Engineering“Modern mechanical engineering” covers traditional areas such as manufacturing as well as recent areas such as robotics and medical engineering. In response to recent various social demands, modern mechanical engineering is expected to integrate architecture and management system engineering into mechanical engineering. Students can graduate only by taking courses, including laboratory courses and graduation research, given in English, but students are recommended to take also courses given in Japanese to learn relationship between academia and industry in Japan.Faculty & KeywordsCovering the fundamentals of civil engineering, students learn how to create a better and more sustainable human society through the construction of infrastructure. The course includes environmental approaches to development, ensuring safety and security against natural hazards, and the improvement of urban environments. Career paths include engineers and planners for civil service, construction, transport, and energy industries. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering manages the major's educational program, in collaboration with the Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Architecture.NameResearch AreaARIGA, TakashiUrban and Environmental DesignCOSENTINO, SarahEnaction, Aective ComputingGOTO, MasayukiResearch on Applied Information ScienceHASUIKE, TakashiResearch on Mathematical Decision MakingHISHIYAMA, ReikoResearch on Intelligent Information SystemISHIDA, ToruArticial Intelligence, Social InformaticsISHII, HiroyukiBioroboticsISHIMURA, KoseiDesign of Structures and MechanismsIWASAKI, KiyotakaBiomechanical and Biomedical EngineeringIWATA, HiroyasuHuman Assistive and Augmentation Robotics/ Medical RoboticsKAMEZAKI, MitsuhiroSmart Human-Machine Interface and Interaction/ Mobile and Field RoboticsKANEKO, ShigehikoResearch on Systems MechanicsKISHI, TomojiResearch on Software EngineeringKOMATSUBARA, AkinoriResearch on Human Life EngineeringKUSAKA, JinThermal Energy Conversion MATSUDA, YuThermo-Fluid Engineering, Visualization techniques for thermo-uid phenomenaMIYASHITA, TomoyukiDesign Methodology of Mechanical SystemMORI, YasuakiResearch on Intellectual Property ManagementNameResearch AreaAKAGI, HirokazuSoil Mechanics & Geotechnical EngineeringAKIYAMA, MitsuyosiConcrete EngineeringESTEBAN, MiguelSustainability Science, Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Renewable EnergyFURUI, KenjiGeomechanics and Petroleum Production EngineeringHAYAMI, HiroshiAtmospheric & Environmental SciencesIWANAMI, MotoiStructural Engineering & Structural DesignKAMURA, KazuoGeo-environmental ScienceKITANO, NaohiroCity and Regional Planning, International DevelopmentKOIWA, MasakiHistory of Architecture KOMINE, HideoGeotechnical EngineeringKUBOTA, YujiEnvironmental and Occupational HygieneKURIHARA, MasanoriPetroleum EngineeringMORIMOTO, AkinoriTransportation PlanningMURATA, MasaruEnvironmental and Occupational HygieneONO, KiyoshiStructural MechanicsOKOCHI, HiroshiAtmospheric and Aquatic Environmental ChemistryNameResearch AreaMUNECHIKA, MasahikoResearch on Quality ManagementMYERS, CoreyResearch on Mineralization of Carbon DioxideNAKAGAKI, TakaoResearch on Exergy EngineeringOHMORI, ShunichiResearch on Logistics EngineeringOHYA, JunImage EngineeringSUGANO, ShigekiIntelligent MachineTAKAGUCHI, HirotoEnvironment MediaTAKAHASHI, ShingoResearch on Systems Science and EngineeringTAKANISHI, AtsuoRobotics and MechatronicsTAKIZAWA, KenjiFluid-Structure InteractionTANABE, Shin-ichiArchitectural EnvironmentUEMICHI, AkaneEnergy system mechanicsUMEZU, ShinjiroMicro/ Nano EngineeringWESUGI, ShigeruCo-creative Interface DesignYOSHIDA, MakotoTransporters & Energy Plants Materials Science and EngineeringYOSHIMOTO, KazuhoResearch on Logistics EngineeringYOSHIMURA, YasutakaResearch on Urban-techNameResearch AreaOWADA, ShujiResources Recycling EngineeringSAKAKIBARA, YutakaWater Quality & Environmental EngineeringSASAKI, KuniakiUrban scienceSASAKI, YohUrban and Regional DesignSATO, YasuhikoStructural Engineering & Structural DesignSEKINE, MasatoRiver EngineeringSHIBAYAMA, TomoyaCoastal Engineering and ManagementTAKABATAKE, TomoyukiCoastal Engineering TAKAGUCHI, HirotoEnvironment MediaTOKORO, ChiharuResources and Environmental Processing EngineeringUEDA, TakumiExploration Geophysics WANG, HailongGeotechnical and Geoenvironmental EngineeringYAMAGUCHI, KatsunoriMaterials Processing EngineeringYANG, YizhouStructural Engineering & Concrete Durability15WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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