Seven Major courses covering a broad range of science and engineering elds have been established over three undergraduate schools. Students in the undergraduate English-based Program obtain degrees in each Major upon conducting studies across the entire curriculum in English. (*The type of degree you can obtain depends on the chosen course.)In the rst and second years, students mainly take courses aimed at acquiring the foundational knowledge required in all elds of science and engineering, while preparing to take the specialized courses under each Major that begin from the second year. During graduation research, students are assigned to a research laboratory or seminar and work on compiling their graduation thesis under the direct guidance of their supervising teachers.Students enrolling in September are required to take Japanese, and they may take the course oered by the university's Center for Japanese Language.1st2nd3rd4thSept.Sept.Sept.Sept.Sept.Japanese language courseSpecialized courses / interdepartmental specialized coursesForeign language subjects / humanities and social science subjects /scientic and engineering subjectsSeminars / research projects / graduation thesisMajorDegreeDepartmentSchoolMathematical Sciences● Bachelor of Science● MathematicsFundamental Science and Engineering● Bachelor of Engineering● Applied MathematicsComputer Science and Communications Engineering● Bachelor of Engineering● Computer Science and Engineering● Communications and Computer EngineeringMechanical Engineering● Bachelor of Engineering● Modern Mechanical EngineeringCreative Science and Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering● Bachelor of Engineering● Civil and Environmental Engineering● Resources and Environmental EngineeringPhysics● Bachelor of Science● PhysicsAdvanced Science and Engineering● Bachelor of Engineering● Applied PhysicsChemistry● Bachelor of Science● Chemistry and Biochemistry● Bachelor of Engineering● Applied ChemistryBioscience● Bachelor of Science● Bachelor of Engineering● Life Science and Medical Bioscience*● Bachelor of Engineering● Electrical Engineering and BioscienceCurriculumDepartmental Aliation and DegreeWhen students enroll in the English-based Undergraduate Program in Science and Engineering, Waseda University, each student is automatically aliated with the School responsible for administering the students' chosen major program. At the end of their third year, each student's departmental aliation is determined by the School taking into account the student's academic performance and preference. The table below shows the departments which students may be affiliated with according to their chosen major (e.g. students who choose to major in Mathematical Sciences will be aliated with either the Department of Mathematics or the Department of Applied Mathematics at the beginning of their fourth year). As shown in the table below, the type of degree (i.e. a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Engineering degree) a student will be conferred upon graduation will depend on the student's departmental aliation.*In the Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience, the type of bachelor's degree (i.e. a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Engineering degree) a student will be conferred upon graduation depends on the type of research (i.e. science or engineering) that is conducted by the faculty research group to which the student belongs.For details, please visit the website13WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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