Faculty of Science and EngineeringIn 2010, the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University became one of the rst institutions in Japan to introduce an English-based Program, oering students the opportunity to acquire an undergraduate degree based solely on learning in English. This idea has been highly acclaimed in both Japan and overseas.From April 2018, the undergraduate English-based Program was reorganized into seven Majors, with education and research education programs strengthened through the addition of new disciplines and by boosting the faculty. Based around this world-class program, we aim to create new value through the mutual stimulation of a diverse student body and by building the best possible environment for an education in science and engineering.7 MajorsMajor in Mechanical EngineeringCreate New Pages of Mechanical Engineering with usBioscience unveils the “secrets” of life for its application to advanced medical practiceMajor in ChemistryA chemical connection to the worldMajor in Civil and EnvironmentalEngineeringWe create a new environment in the pursuit of a sustainable society.Major in BioscienceMajor inPhysicsLet’s acquire the solid basis for exible thinking!Major in Computer Science and CommunicationsEngineeringIncubating CSCE talents to contribute to societyMajor in MathematicalSciences Express, connect, and create ̶ Mathematical sciences is the door to the futureSchool of Advanced Science and EngineeringSchool of Fundamental Science and EngineeringSchool of Creative Science and EngineeringIntroductionFeaturesBroad coverage of 7 major elds of science and engineeringCovers the most diverse range of elds of any international program in Japan.In the heart of a city well known as one of the safest and easiest places to live in the world, the Faculty of Science and Engineering is on the Nishi-Waseda campus.◆ School of Fundamental Science and Engineering◆ School of Creative Science and Engineering◆ School of Advanced Science and Engineering12WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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