CMSSchool of Culture, Media and SocietyWhy Study at JCulP?IntroductionFeaturesSchool of Culture, Media and SocietyJCulP takes students through a humanistic exploration of the literary, artistic, and philosophical movements that shape Japan today. Students will not only study Japan's long and rich cultural tradition, but also explore its current vibrant and creative subcultures, such as manga, anime, and J-pop. Our diverse curriculum will expand your horizons and allow you to reexamine your own culture within a global context, giving you a dierent perspective and a deeper understanding of the world.A diverse group of students from Japan and abroadAn interdisciplinary curriculum that you can tailor to your interestsJapanese prociency not required upon admissionGlobal Studies in Japanese Cultures ProgramJCulPArticlesTo read more in-depth articles about JCulP, search for "JCulP news" online.Promotional VideosTo watch interviews with actual JCulP students and faculty, search for "JCulP promotional video" online.Learn More About JCulP10WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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