ExpertiseInterdisciplinarity7 Clusters7 ClustersIntroductory CoursesIntroductory CoursesIntermediateCoursesIntermediateCoursesAdvancedCoursesAdvancedCoursesConcentration ProgramIn this program, if students obtain more than a certain number of credits from a list of specified classes, then they can receive a certificate indicating that they have completed this Concentration. In this way, students can deepen their knowledge of a particular eld or area while studying a broad range of subjects in the liberal arts curriculum.The Concentration Courses Available in AY 2020■ American Studies■ European Studies■ Global Governance■ History■ International Relations■ Linguistics■ Literature■ Mathematical Sciences ■ Economics■ Media Studies■ Political Economy of International DevelopmentCurriculumSILS has created seven different study clusters in order to allow students to become well-rounded and flexible individuals. Each cluster is divided into three levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Instead of immediately throwing themselves into one particular discipline, students are encouraged to take the classes that interest them and gradually work toward more specialized knowledge.APM ProgramIn 2017, SILS started the APM program (Area Studies and Plurilingual/Multicultural Education Program). This program is held in French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean and not only focuses on acquiring each language, but also includes “Content and Language Integrated Learning” (CLIL), during which students learn about the target country's culture, history, economy, and politics from dierent perspectives in the target language. A one year study abroad program is also linked with the APM program, allowing students to choose to study abroad in the target country to deepen their knowledge. APM fosters students not only to have plurilingual and multicultural skills, but also to become global citizens and leaders who are open to dierent cultures and backgrounds.5BM ProgrammeThe SILS-Sciences Po 5BM Programme is a competitive programme (taught in English) designed for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor's degree from SILS and a Master's degree from Sciences Po within 5 years (5.5 years for April-entry students). Ranked 4th internationally for Politics & International Studies (QS Ranking), Sciences Po is one of the world's leading universities for Social Studies. Students can become multilingual with intensive French language courses during their studies there. Students shortlisted by SILS and accepted by Sciences Po will be able to spend 2 years at Sciences Po after 3 (or 3.5 years) of study in SILS. Every year, 5 students from SILS will be shortlisted. Degree・Bachelor of Arts in International Liberal StudiesFor details, please visit the website9WASEDA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate Schools

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