Sport Sciences

In this specialization we examine the role of sport in society and culture, in the past, present, and future, from the perspectives of the human and social sciences. Our graduates go on to careers in research and education, as well as in sports-related and other industries.Sport Pedagogy, Sport EthicsProfessorTOMOZOE, HidenoriSport and the MediaProfessorTHOMPSON, LeeCulture of SportProfessorKAWASHIMA, KoheiSport and Social TheoryProfessorHORNE, John D.Doctoral ProgramSport Culture specializationSpecializationQualicationNameSport Business ManagementProfessorHARADA, MunehikoSport OrganizationProfessorSAKUNO, SeiichiSport Business MarketingProfessorMATSUOKA, HirotakaBusiness Administration of Sport OrganizationsProfessorMUTO, YasuakiThis area covers a wide range of sport business including both for-prot sports in private sector represented by professional sports and tness clubs and non-prot sports in the public sector such as governments and schools. Students are also expected to play active roles in sport business as leaders like researchers as well as general managers who improve the management of sport organizations.Sport Business specializationSpecializationQualicationNameResearch topics in the Sports Medicine specialization include sports injury, preventive medicine, para-sports, and athletic training. Students will advance their knowledge in their selected topics and develop abilities to execute research in respective area. Upon completion of their degrees, students are expected to apply their expertise in Sports Medicine and Science as researchers, administrative ofcials, or in corporate capacity as an expert in health promotion.Sports Medicine specializationFunctional Anatomy forOrthopaedic Sports MedicineProfessorKUMAI, TsukasaExercise ImmunologyProfessorAKAMA, TakaoHealth and Behavioral SciencesProfessorOKA, KoichiroSports and Exercise MedicineProfessorKANEOKA, KojiAthletic TrainingProfessorHIROSE, NorikazuMuscle BiologyProfessorAKIMOTO, TakayukiPreventive MedicineProfessorSUZUKI, KatsuhikoSports EpidemiologyProfessorSAWADA, SusumuExercise MetabolismAssociate ProfessorMIYASHITA, MasashiHealth EducationAssociate ProfessorISHII, KaoriSpecializationQualicationNameIn this specialization, we look at “coaching” that works on the modern society from the perspectives of sports and education scientically and technically. Through practical research and education, we aim to produce athletes armed with knowledge and educate advanced sports persons as well as coachers and researchers with the ability to coach them.Coaching specializationSpecializationQualicationNameCoaching of Budo: Japanese Marshall ArtsProfessorITEYA, MisakiSport Physiology & NeuropsychologyProfessorTAKARADA, YudaiBiodynamicsProfessorKAWAKAMI, YasuoSport PsychologyProfessorMASAKI, HiroakiBiomechanicsProfessorYANAI, ToshimasaIn this specialization, we examine human performance from biomedical perspectives, aiming at enhancement of active life and improvement of sports performance. A variety of high-spec technologies such as articial climate control chamber, EEG, EMG, multi-camera motion capture, MRI, TMS, etc., are available to our students, providing opportunities to take precise measurements of human body/motions and to integrate their textbook-knowledge with experimental data on human behavior/function, in order to design and conduct their own research/dissertation. With completion of the program, students will be prepared to apply their profound knowledge and research expertise to pursue their careers in research, teaching and sports-related and other professions.Kinesiology specializationSpecializationQualicationName

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