MAProgramrogram06Area StudiesInternationalRelationsInternationalDevelopmentPolicy StudiesMA ProgramCourse CategoryAims of Each CourseCreditRequirementCore Courses and Basic Courses are designed to help students attain basic knowledge and skills necessary for completing their research projects.Core Courses / Basic CoursesAdvanced Courses are designed to provide students with training in the acquisition of highly professional knowledge and in the effective application of those skills in one's own field of research. Among the courses, subjects related to Japanese Studies aim to further promote the understanding of Japan using various approaches so as to meet the needs of our foreign students. Furthermore, in the category of 'Special Seminars' organized by our faculty, experts and researchers from external organizations are invited to deliver lectures, giving our students the latest perspectives on the current hottest issues.Advanced CoursesOptional Courses are designed to train students in other necessary skills, such as information analysis and computing and languages required for research activities. Credits for these courses will not be considered as a part of the completion (degree) requirements.Optional Courses22 creditsNot countedfor graduationThe MA Program in International Relations consists of three main fields of specialization, "Area Studies", "International Relations" and "International Development/Policy Studies". Students will focus on one, but, at the same time, they are allowed to attend courses in all three fields. Using a broad-based, multi-per-spective approach to analyzing the momentous changes taking place in the Asia-Pacific region, graduates of our program will be well-prepared to take on the region's challenges and opportunities in a wide range of professional capacities.【Academic Degree】Master of Arts in International Relations【Enrollment Capacity】120 students / year【Degree Requirements】Project research / Master’s thesis: 8 creditsLecture courses : 22 creditsTotal : 30 credits(The standard curriculum period : 2 years)1. All the necessary credits for graduation obtained in one year, starting from the day after entrance (except project research).2. 3.5 or above GPA obtained (at the end of the first year).3. A score of 90 or above obtained for the project research.【Early completion option】(1.5 year completion)Project Research is carried out in seminar style. Under the instruction of their academic advisors, students will learn and master skills to prepare and complete their thesis, to compile, analyze and review relevant information fully and to understand the research methodology.Project Research8 credits For more details


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