23*1 During the period, the interview by phone or e-mail will be conducted.*2 With regard to the second screening, only these who pass the first screening will take the second screening.* Entrance Fee(200,000JPY) is included in the “For Entrance Procedures (First Semester)”.* The Entrance Fee is waived for successful candidates who are currently enrolled in, graduated from, completed, or withdrew from an undergraduate, graduate, or specialized program of Waseda University.* Tuition and fees above include “Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association Fee” (1,500JPY/semester).* Students who have newly enrolled MA program will be required to pay 40,000 JPY as the “Alumni association membership fee”. This Membership fee will be paid in the final term / semester of their last year, which covers 10 years of annual membership fee that students pay in advance. PhD Screening SchedulePhD1st Year2nd Year3rd YearFor Entrance Procedures (First Semester) Second SemesterFirst SemesterSecond Semester589,000 JPY389,000 JPY489,000 JPY489,000 JPYFirst SemesterSecond Semester489,000 JPY489,000 JPYSep.13 (Wed.) ~ Sep.20 (Wed.),2017Nov.16 (Thu.),2017Nov.25 (Sat.),2017Nov.30 (Thu.),2017Dec.20 (Wed.),2017Nov.17 (Fri.)~ Nov.22 (Wed.),2017*1Apr. 2 (Mon.) ~ Apr. 9 (Mon.),2018May 24 (Thu.),2018Jun.2 (Sat.),2018Jun.7 (Thu.),2018Jun.21 (Thu.),2018May 26 (Fri.)~ May.31(Thu.),2018*1April Admissionfor AY2018from insideof JapanfromoverseasSeptember Admissionfor AY2018Sub-TotalTotalfrom insideof JapanfromoverseasTotal978,000 JPY978,000 JPY978,000 JPY2,934,000 JPYApplication DocumentsMA1st Year2nd YearFor Entrance Procedures (First Semester)Second SemesterFirst SemesterSecond Semester888,000 JPY688,000 JPY788,000 JPY788,000 JPYSub-TotalTotalTotal1,576,000 JPY1,576,000 JPY3,152,000 JPYApplication guide, application documents (PDF) and brochure can be downloaded from the GSAPS website.Tuition and Fees for AY 2018 CategoriesApplication PeriodFirst ScreeningResultSecondScreeningFinal AdmissionDecisionEntrance ProcedureDeadlineFor more details***2


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