20VOICE 01VOICE 02LIN Yi-KaiQ.1 Why did you choose GSAPS for your higher education? What made you decide to choose GSAPS?I was interested in sanitation problems in the world and I thought GSAPS is appropriate place to broaden my perspective and improve my expertise so as to conduct my specialized study. There are several reasons why I chose GSAPS. First, GSAPS is conducted their lectures in Japanese and English. It makes me to improve my language skills. Second, there are lots of international students from over the 50 countries which help me to expand my perspective. Third, all of the professors have diverse experiences and this is a great opportunity to improve my expertise. The final reason why I chose GSAPS is I can have lots of internship chances and it will be valuable step for my future career. For these reasons, I decided to choose GSAPS.Q.2 What kind of things you gained at GSAPS became useful/ helpful for job hunting?The experience of studying with international students from all parts of the world was useful when I tried to find a job. I thought most of the companies were looking for an applicant who has an experience of cultural differences through the job hunting period. Actually, GSAPS has international students from over the 50 countries and I could experience cultural differences during the Master’s course in GSAPS. It makes me possible to take an interview confidently. Thanks for the experience in GSAPS, my job hunting was finished successfully and I’m going to work at the company which I really want.Q.3 What is your treasure you have gained at GSAPS?There are two of treasures I have gained at GSAPS. First of all, I met lots of international students from all over the world and I experienced cultural differences. It makes me get rid of cultural stereotypes and change my mind to communicate with someone who isn’t the person from the country but an individual. Secondly, I studied many aspects of international relations such as law, education, economics, politics and development studies which I wasn’t interested in before the entrance into GSAPS. This makes me draw my interest to study all kinds of the international relations and improve my knowledge considerably.Q.1 Why did you choose GSAPS for your higher education? What made you decide to choose GSAPS?The reason for choosing GSAPS is because my friend studies there. Also, due to your extensive academic network, abundant learning resources and professors specializing in what I study, I am determined to choose GSAPS to have my further study.Q.2 What did you get satisfied with GSAPS most?From GSAPS, I can interact with the people from different countries in the world. In addition, the school and companies offer abundant scholarships and periodical speeches of the specialists from different fields.Q.3 Do you recommend GSAPS to those who are thinking of going to a graduate school?Yes, I strongly recommend the people having the thought of going to graduate school to study. For me, GSAPS is like a small United Nations. I can interact with different people around the world. It also has specialized professors of different fields. It is a great experience to learn with the specialists of certain field as well as understand the thoughts of students from different countries. Both of them will be crucial no matter in lives or works.Voice of Recent GraduatesQ.4 Do you recommend GSAPS to those who are thinking of going to a graduate school? Since GSAPS has many beneficial characteristics and the best place to improve your international knowledge and skills, I definitely recommend to other applicants who are interested in international relations. I also was worried about my future before the admission into GSAPS, but I had the valuable time during the two years and I got a job offer which I really want to work for. Please do not hesitate to apply for GSAPS and seize an opportunity as a great step for your future career.HAN, Jong Hun【Post - Graduation Career】 CSR department at LIXIL Corporation【Project Advisor】 KATSUMA, Yasushi【Post - Graduation Career】 Speed Link Japan【Project Advisor】 YAMAOKA, Michio


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