CAREER18Career Development ResourcesCareerWhile engineering is still every 2nd Indian’s choice, I was perhaps way too adamant about choosing a different path. After doing my BA in Japanese at Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi), I decided to study further, instead of getting a job. During my 2 years of Tokyo life, I learned so many things that I probably wouldn’t have experienced in India or any other country. I was studying at Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda, which attracts foreign students from all over the globe. There are people from countries here I wouldn’t have ever been curious of if I hadn’t met them at all. I am happy that I got to be in such an international environment and got to know so many people and their cultures.Japan has been full of knowledge and opportunities for me – not just at University but also outside. During my 2 years at Waseda, I also got to do an internship with a UN organization and later at a venture capital. The internship at the VC helped me get in touch with the IT startup industry of Japan which later fuelled my thesis. I got in touch with the startup community of Japan and met new people every day, learning something new every day!Life is of course full of ups and downs, and it’s not all green and bright always. I had my share of trying to understand and adjust. The most difficult of all was perhaps job hunting. It was a long road – after spending almost an entire year looking for a job, I found one. And guess what? A job as an engineer. No, it’s not because I have no options, it’s because I wanted to be an engineer. I loved programming back in high school but decided to not go with the flow because I wanted to do something different. So, my ideal job was being a web programmer at a Japanese web service. I finally got it and cannot wait to get started in April 2017! I graduated in September 2016 so there is some time before I start – but don’t worry, companies usually take care of your interim visas as well. Moreover, you can always ask the university for help – I have pestered them so much with questions, but they’ve always managed to answer with a smile.All in all, Japan has been wonderful to me. I got to study things I liked at University. And I get to do what I like for a living. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to get back to programming so easily if I was in India.Job FairsInternational Organizations Joint Outreach MissionJob fairs are held several times on campus annually. Students will have the opportunity to meet recruiters directly from various corporations and organizations.Participating Oranizations : United Nations(UN), United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA), United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF), United Nations Volunteers(UNV), UN Women, International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), International Labour Organization(ILO), Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization(CTBTO)InternshipsAdvanced Management Training (AMT), Embassy of Colombia in Tokyo, Ericsson Japan K.K., Goldman Sachs, Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan, International Committee of the Red Cross, Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO), JTB Corp., Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co.,Ltd., United Nations Univ.(UNU), amongGSAPSPracticalApprochesGSAPS offers advanced courses conducted by experts to equip students with practical skills for after graduation.● Practical Approaches: Diplomacy ● Practical Approaches to International Civil Service : United Nations Organization and Documentation ● Practical Approaches: Media I ● Practical Approaches: Media II ● International CooperationWASEDA UniversityCarreerCenterThe WASEDA University Career Center is dedicated to assisting students through various career advancement and development programs such as career advisory service, workshops, company seminars, guidance counseling and interview Development ResourcesVARSHNEY, Deepali【Post Graduation Career】 Engineer at, Inc.【Project Advisor】 NAKAJIMA, Seio


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