16International DevelopmentPolicy StudiesFacultyInternational Development /Policy StudiesURATA Shujiro|ProfessorInternational Economics,Development Economics Project Research [MA]International Economic Issues in Asia-Pacific (Not available from Sep.2018 Admission) [PhD]Not availableKURODA Kazuo|ProfessorComparative and International Education,Educational Policy, Education andInternational Development, InternationalHigher Education Project Research [MA]Educational Development in Developing   Countries and International Cooperation [PhD]Policy Analysis of Comparative and   International EducationMATSUOKA Shunji|ProfessorEnvironmental Studies, Development Studies,Evaluation Studies, and Risk Governance Project Research [MA]Global Sustainability and International   Development Cooperation Studies [PhD]Environment and Sustainable   DevelopmentKATO Atsushi|ProfessorPolitical Economy of Economic Development,Economic Development of India Project Research [MA]Economic Development and Policy in Asia [PhD]Economic Development and GovernanceMITOMO Hitoshi|ProfessorICT (Information and CommunicationTechnology) Economics and Policy,ICT Applicaitions in Business and Civic Life,Social Innovation by ICT Project Research [MA]Economics, Policies and Applications   for Networked Societies (Not available in Apr./Sep.2018 Admission) [PhD]Info-Communication Economics,    Business and Policy AnalysisOBI Toshio|ProfessorInternational Competitiveness,e-Government, CIO,ICT Application for Ageing Society, BCP Project Research [MA][PhD]Not available KATSUMA Yasushi|ProfessorDevelopment Studies (Human Development),International Human Rights Global Governance(Child Rights), Human Security Project Research [MA]Peace, Human Rights and Social   Development in Less Developed   Countries [PhD]Social Development and International   Human Rights


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