14Area StudiesFacultyAMAKO Satoshi|ProfessorPolitics, Contemporary China,International Relations on East Asia Project Research [MA][PhD]Not availableMIICHI Ken|Associate ProfessorArea Studies in Southeast Asia,Comparative Politics Project Research [MA]Politics in Southeast Asia [PhD]Religion and Politics in Contemporary Southeast AsiaAOYAMA Rumi|ProfessorContemporary China’s Foreign Policy, Politics in Contemporary China Project Research [MA]Politics and International Relations of China  [PhD]Politics and International Relations of Contemporary ChinaLIU-FARRER Gracia|ProfessorInternational Migration, Social Stratification and Inequality, Globalization, International Education Project Research [MA]Globalization and Socio-Cultural Change [PhD]Self, Culture, Society under GlobalizationMURASHIMA Eiji|ProfessorArea Studies (Southeast Asia),History of East Asia Project Research [MA]Political Society and Culture   in Southeast Asia [PhD]Southeast Asian Area StudiesLEE Jong Won|ProfessorInternational Relations in East Asia, International History, Contemporary Korean Studies Project Research [MA]Politics and Diplomacy in Korea,   International Relations in Northeast Asia [PhD]Contemporary Korean Studies, International Relations in Northeast AsiaROBERTS Glenda S.|ProfessorCultural Anthropology, Japanese Studies,Gender Studies, Work and Organizations,Migration Policy Project Research [MA]Everyday Life in the Asia-Pacific (Not available for Apr.2018 Admission) [PhD]Contemporary Japanese SocietyNAKAJIMA Seio|Associate ProfessorEconomic Sociology, Organizations, Culture, China, East Asia, Creative Industries in Asia Project Research [MA]Popular Culture in Asia [PhD]Development and Prospects of Creative Industries in Comtemporary AsiaHAYASE Shinzo|ProfessorEthno-history of Asia,History of International Relations Project Research [MA]Japan in Asia [PhD]Asia-Japan Relations in Modern HistoryArea Studies


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