SCHOLARSHIPS13ScholarshipsCHAICHANAVICHAKIT, AkadetAs a privately-funded international student, financial burden is the main obstacle to achieve exquisite academic performance. However, with plentiful financial supports, I can concentrate my time and energy on research activities as well as sharing and discussing my findings with academic communities through publications and conferences. GSAPS office has provided excellent support and assistance both in informing students about available scholarship and research subsidy opportunities as well as assisting students in the process of application. GSAPS offers you not only broad and deep academic knowledge, but also broad and deep life experience as a graduate student in Tokyo. You will have abundant opportunities to pursue your academic, career, or life goals; all you have to do is give it a try.【Scholarships Application Procedure】* In principle, scholarship application is required to be made after enrollment. 123546 Submission of Application DocumentsInterviewNominationFinal ResultsScholarship RegistrationApplicants submit the designated applictaion documents to the GSAPS Office during the Registrartion Period (Upon entrance and every April).Final results are decided by the foundation or the University.The Office nominates the final nominees to the foundation and/or the relevant sections of University.* Application term is depending on each scholarshipThe Office contacts the candidates and conducts interviews.Document ScreeningThe committee selects candidates based on academic meritsHonors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students,Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship【Project Advisor】 MURASHIMA, Eiji


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