12Financial Aid and ScholarshipsGSAPS offers a comprehensive program of financial support including scholarships and grants from government agencies, private corporations and donors. Financial Aid and ScholarshipsWaseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International StudentsExpansion of the Scholarship and Research Fund SystemHaraguchi Memorial Asia Research FundThe Haraguchi Memorial Asia Research Fund was endowed by Ms. HARAGUCHI Uta (1920-2009) in commemoration of her father, Mr. HARAGUCHI Takejiro (1882-1951), towards the development of Southeast Asian Studies, and especially Indonesian Studies, at GSAPS.【Main Scholarships and Number of Recipients】For Japanese StudentsFor Privately - Financed International StudentsGrantGrantGrantGrantGrantLoanLoanEquivalent to theamount of the annualtuition(First year only) 400,000JPY/year 400,000JPY/year 400,000JPY/year 600,000JPY/year 50,000JPY/month 88,000JPY/month100,000JPY/month150,000JPY/month32411total 5total 2GrantGrantGrantGrantGrantGrantReduction of 50% ofannual tuition fee400,000JPY/year600,000JPY/year48,000JPY/month140,000JPY/month140,000JPY/month15498711Main ScholarshipGrant/LoanAmount PaidNumber ofRecipientsin AY2016What is the Haraguchi Memorial Asia Research Fund?This grant, from the Haraguchi Memorial Asia Research Fund, is open to any regular graduate school student at Waseda University whose research theme is related to Asian studies focused on Southeast Asia. The annual field trip grant is JPY250,000 and it will aid about 20 students per year.* Under this scheme, the "Research Field Trip" refers to fieldwork in a foreign country. Research Field Trip Grant*1 An international student with a “Permanent Resident”, “Long Term Resident”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese citizen” or “Spouse or Child Permanent Resident” status will be required to register for scholarships as a Japanese student. For the details, please contact Scholarship division.* 2Depending on the scholarships, you might be able to receive more than one scholarship.* 3Please note that these scholarships are not necessarily available every year and that scholarship information is subject to change.(Based on AY2016 records)*Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International StudentsAzusa Ono Memorial Scholarship for International StudentsScholarship for Young Doctoral StudentsHonors Scholarship for Privately Financed International StudentsRotary Yoneyama Memorial FoundationTonen International Scholarship FoundationMain ScholarshipGrant/LoanAmount PaidNumber ofRecipientsin AY2016【Eligibility】【Screening】【Amount】【Expected number of awardees】New and current privately financed international students in the MA programBased on academic performance (Entrance examination results for new students and academic record of GSAPS for current students)Half of the annual tuition fee15 (tentative)GSAPS Excellence AwardsOkuma Memorial AwardsAzusa Ono Memorial ScholarshipWASEDA Alumni AwardsScholarship for Young Doctoral StudentsJapan Student Service Organization Scholarship (JASSO)Loan Type Ⅰ (without interests)Japan Student Service Organization Scholarship (JASSO) Loan Type Ⅱ (with interests)~


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