Tokyo is a city of great hospitality. In a survey by TripAdvisor, Tokyo was ranked rst for “Helpful Locals.” It does not matter even if you cannot speak Japanese - international students receive a warm welcome here.Most hospitablecity in the worldIn Tokyo, traditional temples and shrines are nestled alongside skyscrapers. With seasonal events and traditional festivals (matsuri) held throughout the year, Tokyo is a place where you can enjoy modern city life along with traditional culture.Rich and unique cultureTokyo has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. But it is not all about high-end sushi restaurants - there is also a wide variety of delicious yet cheap and casual food on oer, such as ramen and okonomiyaki. No other city has the range of restaurants and food from around the world that Tokyo doesーincluding Halal food, too.World gourmet capital4WASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools

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