Fees and ScholarshipsEstimated Living Expenses (12 months)Waseda University Partial Tuition Waiver For Privately Financed International Students・ Fall semester tuition (half-year) is waived ・ For master's students (2019: 117 granted) ・ Reapply each yearAzusa Ono Memorial Scholarship (including international students and Japanese students)・ JPY 400,000 per year ・ For master's and doctoral students (2019: 229 granted) ・ Reapply each yearScholarship For Young Doctoral Students (including international students and Japanese students)・ Award amount depends on field of study ・ For doctoral students under 30 years old (2019: 435 granted)・ Reapply each year (limited to 3 years)Examples of Waseda's ScholarshipsScholarship & Financial SupportWaseda offers over 250 scholarships for international students and Japanese students, including those sponsored by the University itself and ones sponsored by the private sector. In 2019, 13,900 students received scholarships, amounting to over 9.1 billion yen. More than 40% of international graduate students studying at Waseda received some form of financial support in 2019.For details, please refer to the Scholarships and Financial Assistance website:www.waseda.jp/inst/scholarship/en/for-international-students*Personal expenses will depend on the student's individual lifestyle. The amounts shown are for reference only.Cost(JPY)ExamplesAccommodation900,000Single room off-campus apartmentFood and utilities550,000Electricity, Internet, transportation, etc.Insurance50,000National Health Insurance coverageOther personal expenses200,000Cell phones, books, clothes, etc.Total1,700,00030WASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools

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