Please visit the website: https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/about/career/CareersMaster's Program: JPY 1,255,000 – 1,285,000Doctoral Program: JPY 1,000,000 – 1,030,000*Including admission fee of JPY 200,000Tuition (2021)Department of Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental Engineering●Research on Geochemistry of Mineral Resources●Research on Applied Mineralogy●Research on Isotope Geochemistry●Research on Petrology and Volcanology●Research on Structural Petrology●Research on Sedimentary Geology●Research on Paleobiology●Research on Geophysics●Research on Petroleum Engineering●Research on Geomechanics and Petroleum Production Engineering●Research on Resources Recycling Engineering●Research on Environmental Purification and Resources Processing●Research on Materials Processing Technology and Physical Chemistry●Research on Atmospheric and Aquatic Environmental Chemistry●Research on Environmental and Occupational HygieneDepartment of Business Design & Management (Only for Doctoral Degree)●Research on Complex Production Systems●Research on Production and Supply Chain Management●Research on Profit Engineering●Research on Quality Management●Research on Human Factors Management●Research on Management Information●Research on Life Cycle Engineering●Research on Product-Service Systems●Research on Innovation ManagementSeveral research instructors do not accept master’s or doctoral students.Please visit the website for the latest information: (master’s and doctoral Program)https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/admissions_gs/#anc_4Contact DetailsTEL : +81-3-5286-3808E-mail : [email protected] : https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/Location : Nishi-Waseda Campus, Graduate Admissions OfficeFor details, please see●Inoue Uichi Fellowship Scholarship (available only after admission)JPY 1,000,000 / year (maximum), for Architecture program students●Yoshimi Yokomizo Scholarship (available only after admission)JPY 300,000 / year, for Industrial and Management Systems program studentsProgram-Specific Scholarships20WASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools

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