Master’s ProgramAvailable programs・Architecture・Modern Mechanical Engineering・Civil and Environmental Engineering・Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental EngineeringAdmissionSeptember & AprilApplication periodSept. intake:Mid-Dec. to Early AprilApr. intake:Late Oct. to Early Nov.Enrollees49 (2020)●Research on Safety Planning in Built Environments●Research on Architectural Environment●Research on Building Materials●Research on Environment Media●Research on Building Construction Engineering and Management●Research on Building ConstructionDepartment of Modern Mechanical Engineering●Research on Mechanical Interaction Design●Research on Transporters & Energy Plants Materials Science and Engineering●Research on Mechanical System Design●Research on Intelligent Machines●Research on Mechanical Engineering in Medical Fields●Research on Exergy Engineering●Research on Thermal Energy Reaction Engineering●Research on Co-creative Interface Design●Research on Environment-conscious Systems and Machines●Research on Transporters Production Technologies●Research on Neuro Robotics●Research on Biomechanical Systems●Research on Field Robotics●Research on Human-robot Interfaces●Research on Image Engineering●Research on Technology for Micro/Nano Fabrication●Research on Applied Mechanics of Fluid-Structure Interactions●Research on Sophisticated Heat Protection●Research on Adaptive Robotics●Research on Fluid Mechanics of Computational Analysis●Research on Systems Mechanics●Research on Mechanical Design Generation●Research on Creative Structures and Mechanisms●Research on Automotive Powertrains●Research on Energy System Mechanics●Research on Measurement Techniques in Thermofluid DynamicsDepartment of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering (Only for Doctoral Degree)●Research on Software Engineering●Research on Applied Information Science●Research on Human Life Engineering●Research on Systems Science and Engineering●Research on Statistical Science●Research on Intelligent Information Systems●Research on Mathematical Decision Making●Research on Operations Research and Optimization●Research on Manufacturing Systems Engineering●Research on Multi-Agent SystemsDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering●Research on Concrete Engineering●Research on Underground Structure Engineering●Research on Structural Mechanics●Research on Structural Design●Research on Water and Environmental Engineering●Research on River Engineering●Research on Soil Mechanics●Research on Tunnel Engineering●Research on Coastal Engineering and Management●Research on Geotechnical Engineering●Research on Landscape and Design●Research on Transportation Planning●Research on City and Regional PlanningGraduate School of Creative Science and EngineeringDoctoral ProgramAvailable programs・Architecture・Modern Mechanical Engineering・Industrial and Management Systems Engineering・Civil and Environmental Engineering・Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental Engineering・Business Design & ManagementAdmissionSeptember & AprilApplication periodSept. intake:Mid-Dec. to Early AprilApr. intake:Late Oct. to Early Nov.Enrollees16 (2020)●Advanced and practical education and research for creating an abundant society based on a diverse set of values●Students are cultivated as talented human resources capable of addressing a plethora of social issues and offering solutions from a broad perspective, rather than fragmented measures●Students become industry-ready through opportunities for joint research with municipalities and corporationsWhy Study with UsResearch Guidance AreasDepartment of Architecture●Research on Comparative Architectural History●Research on Temporal Aspects of Architectural Construction and Expression●Research on Architecture and Sociological Concepts●Research on Architectural Design Concepts●Research on Architectural Design and Information●Research on Architecture and Space Concepts●Research on Landscape and Regional Design●Research on Urban and Environmental Design●Research on Regenerative Design of the Built Environment●Research on Urban Tech●Research on Continuum Mechanics●Research on Structural Design and Systems●Research on Shell StructuresWASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools19

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