Contact DetailsTEL : +81-3-5286-3808E-mail : [email protected] : https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/Location : Nishi-Waseda Campus, Graduate Admissions Office●Research on Radio Optical Convergence Systems●Research on Design and Analysis Systems●Research on Integrated System Design●Research on High Level Verification●Research on Wireless Communication Circuit TechnologiesDepartment of Intermedia Studies●Research on Communication Acoustics●Research on Ergonomics in Advanced Media●Research on Intelligence Dynamics and Representation Systems●Research on Digital Image Expression●Research on Biological Expression●Research on Cognitive Science●Research on Human Media TechnologyDepartment of Computer Science and Communications Engineering●Research on Computer Vision●Research on Intelligent Information Systems●Research on Parallel Knowledge Information Processing●Research on Bioinformatics●Research on Computer Programming Languages●Research on Software Development Engineering●Research on Intelligent Software●Research on Reliable Software Engineering●Research on Computational Biology●Research on Autonomous Agent Systems●Research on Distributed Systems●Research on Advanced Computing Systems●Research on Parallel and Distributed Architecture●Research on Advanced Processor Architecture●Research on Information Access●Research on Cryptographic Protocols●Research on Design and Analysis Systems●Research on Information System Design●Research on Wireless Communication Networks●Research on Networked Systems●Research on Distributed Computing Systems●Research on Wireless Access Schemes●Research on Wireless Network Systems●Research on Information Security●Research on Perceptual Computing●Research on Image Information●Research on Audio-visual Information Processing●Research on Multimedia Information Distribution System●Research on Media Intelligence●Research on Optimization and Learning for Systems●Research on Natural Language Processing●Research on Computer GraphicsyDepartment of Materials Science (Only for Doctoral Degree)●Research on Computational Mathematics for Materials●Research on Mathematics for Materials A●Research on Mathematics for Materials B●Research on Engineering of Composite Materials●Research on Micro and Nano Engineering●Research on Mechanics of Materials●Research on Physical Chemistry of Materials●Research on Materials Process Engineering●Research on Materials Crystallography●Research on Quantum Materials Physics●Research on Condensed Matter Science●Research on Reaction Dynamics of Materials Development●Research on Physics of Amorphous Materials●Research on Engineering of Controlled Crystalline Structures●Research on Corrosion and Surface Chemistry*Several research instructors do not accept master’s or doctoral students.*Please visit the website for the latest information: (master’s and doctoral Program)https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/admissions_gs/#anc_4Please visit the website: https://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/about/career/CareersMaster's Program: JPY1,235,000– 1,261,000Doctoral Program: JPY980,000– 1,006,000*Including admission fee of JPY 200,000Tuition (2021)For details, please see18WASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools

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