For details, please seeGraduate School of LawWe expect the graduates to play an active part in the international companies, international organizations, active NPOs and provide knowledge provision in various countries.JPY 1,130,500 *Including admission fee of JPY 200,000.CareersTuition (2021)Master’s ProgramAvailable programLL.M. in Asian Economic Integration and LawAdmissionAprilApplication periodMid-SeptemberEnrollees11 (2020)Note:Prospective students should understand that this LL.M. in Asian Economic Integration and Law will not qualify them to sit for the bar exam in Japan or other countries.Why Study with UsResearch Guidance Areas●The Waseda LL.M. is a one-year master’s degree program started in April 2018.●By providing both theoretical and practical expertise on Asian economic integration and law, we train legal, business and government leaders looking to make a difference in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.●If you are interested in the nexus of law and economy from an international perspective, a Waseda LL.M. may be for you.Contemporary Asian Regional Law●Legal Research and Writing●Legal Regulation of Global and Macro-Regional Markets●Comparative Law of Regional Integration: EU, ASEAN and APEC●Principles of International Law●International Human Rights Law●International Law of the Sea●International Disputes Concerning the Law of the Sea and Asia●Law and Practice of International Business Transaction in East Asia I●Law and Practice of International Business Transaction in East Asia II●Commercial Arbitration in East Asia●Asia-Pacific Investment Law●International Trade Law●Transnational Crime in Asia●Substantive Criminal Law in Japan: An Asia-Pacific Perspective●Japanese Real Estate Law in a Globalized Market●Global Economy and the Law Relating to Secured Transactions in Japan●Environmental Law in Japan●Legal Issues on Corporate Governance in Japan●Regulation of Financial Markets in Japan●Law of Contracts and Torts in Japanetc.Contact DetailsTEL : +81-3-3232-3924E-mail : [email protected] : https://www.waseda.jp/folaw/glaw/en/Location : Waseda Campus14WASEDA UNIVERSITY Graduate Schools

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