CareersContact [email protected]/fsci/enNishi-Waseda CampusTuition(2018)Please visit the website: JPY 1,314,000 – 1,363,500  D: JPY 973,000 – 1,014,500*Including admission fee of JPY 200,000Electrical Engineering and Bioscience• Electrochemical Computing• Electrochemical Nano-systems• Molecular Nano-engineering• Nano and Microsystem• Nano Material• Nano Material Informatics• Nano-chiral Science• Nano-device• Nano-functional Molecules Chemistry• Nano-functional Surface Chemistry• Nano-photonics• Nano-structure Control• Nano-structured Crystal Chemistry• Quantum Theory for Solids• Semiconductor Quantum Physics• Study for Nanobiomaterials• Study for Nanoelectronics Materials• Surface and Interface Science• Synthetic Chemistry of Nanomaterials• Accelerator Application Science and Engineering A• Accelerator Application Science and Engineering B• Nuclear Reactor PhysicsNanoscience and NanoengineeringCooperative Major in Nuclear EnergyIntegrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering• Biomaterials Science and Engineering• Bio-molecular Assembling Science• Bio-molecular Science and Engineering• Bio-solid State Science• Cytoskeletal Logistics• Environmental Biotechnology• Molecular Brain Science• Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry• Molecular Oncology• Neurophysiology• Advance Control• Advanced Electrical Energy Systems• Applied Superconductivity• Bioinformatics• Cell Biology of Molecular Network• Computer Aided Electromagnetics• Dielectric Materials• Dynamics of Biological Systems• Electronic and Photonic Materials• Information-based Learning Systems• Molecular and Cellular Biology• Molecular Sensors and Devices• Optical Properties of Condensed Matters• Pharmacology• Probabilistic Information Processing• Quantum Materials Science• Semiconductor Science and Technology• Structural Biology• Synthetic Biology• Applied Spectroscopy• Bio-electronic Measurements and Control• Biological Design and Analysis Systems• Biomolecular Engineering• Biorobotics• Developmental Biology• Experimental Biophysics• Integrative Brain Sciences• Mechanical Engineering in Medical Field• Molecular Biophysics• Molecular Genetics• Molecular Physiology• Physicobiology• Plant Physiology and Biochemistry• Regulation Biology• Theoretical BiophysicsLife Science and Medical BioscienceSeveral research instructions do not accept master’s or doctoral students.Please visit the website for the latest information: (Master’s and Doctoral Program) see the video for more details.Waseda University 201926


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