CareersContact [email protected]/fsci/enNishi-Waseda CampusTuition(2018)• Inoue Uichi Fellowship Scholarship (applicable only after admission) JPY 1,000,000 / year (maximum), for Architecture program students• Yoshimi Yokomizo Scholarship (applicable only after admission) JPY 300,000 / year, for Industrial and Management Systems program studentsPlease visit the website: JPY 1,255,000 – 1,285,000  D: JPY 1,000,000 – 1,030,000*Including admission fee of JPY 200,000• Coastal Engineering and Management• Concrete Engineering• Geotechnical Engineering• Landscape and Design• River Engineering• Soil Mechanics• Structural Mechanics• Transportation Planning• Tunnel Engineering• Water and Environmental Engineering• Applied Mineralogy• Atmospheric and Aquatic Environmental Chemistry• Environmental and Occupational Hygiene• Environmental Purification and Resources Processing• Geochemistry of Mineral Resources• Geo-environmental Science• Geophysics• Isotope Geochemistry• Materials Processing Technology and Physical Chemistry• Paleobiology• Petroleum Engineering• Petrology• Petrology and Volcanology• Resources Recycling Engineering• Rock Mechanics and Oil Production Engineering• Sedimentary Geology• Structural Petrology• Human Factors Management • Logistics Engineering• Management Information• Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution Process Innovation• Profit Engineering• Quality ManagementCivil and Environmental EngineeringEarth Sciences, Resources and Environmental EngineeringBusiness Design & ManagementSeveral research instructions do not accept master’s or doctoral students.Please visit the website for the latest information: (Master's and Doctoral Program) Specific ScholarshipPlease see the video for more details.Waseda University 201924


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