CareersContact [email protected]/fsci/enNishi-Waseda CampusTuition(2018)Please visit the website: JPY 1,235,000 – 1,261,000  D: JPY 980,000 – 1,006,000* Including admission fee of JPY 200,000• Aerodynamics• Aerospace Transportation Systems• Applied Mathematics• Composite Materials Engineering• Control Engineering• Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems• Dynamics and Control of Power and Energy Systems• Fluid Engineering• Materials Process Engineering• Mechanics of Materials• Micro and Nano Mechanics• Thermofluid Science• Tribology• Advanced Computing Systems• Advanced Processor Architecture• Audio-visual Information Processing• Bioinformatics• Computational Biology• Computer Vision• Design and Analysis Systems• Distributed Computing Systems• Distributed Systems• Image Information• Information Access• Information System Design• Intelligent Information Systems• Intelligent Software• Media Intelligence• Multimedia Information Distribution System• Networked Systems• Parallel and Distributed Architecture• Parallel Knowledge Information Processing• Perceptual Computing• Reliable Software Engineering• Software Development Engineering• Telecommunication Network• Ubiquitous Communication Network System• Wireless Access Scheme • Wireless Communications• Wireless Signal Processing• Advanced Theoretical Physics for Condensed Matter• Design and Analysis Systems• Functional Photonics• High Level Verification• High Temperature Physical Chemistry• Integrated System Design• Molecular Nano-engineering• Nano and Microsystem• Nano Material Informatics• Nano-device• Quantum Theory for Solids• Radio Optical Convergence Systems• Solid State Physics• Wireless Communication Circuit Technologies• Biological Expression• Cognitive Science• Communication Acoustics• Digital Image Expression• Ergonomics in Advanced Media• Human Media Technology• Intelligence Dynamics and Representation Systems• Intermedia Music Study• Media Design StudyApplied MechanicsElectronic and Physical SystemsComputer Science and Communications EngineeringIntermedia StudiesSeveral research instructions do not accept master’s or doctoral students.Please visit the website for the latest information: (Master’s and Doctoral Program) see the video for more details.Waseda University 201922


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