Why Study With UsGraduate School ofFundamental Science and Engineering• Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics: Go beyond pure mathematics to advanced mathematics for scientific investigation and explanation of natural phenomena• Department of Applied Mechanics: Students can explore topics from basic studies in general applied mechanics to aviation and space, where the most advanced technologies in this field converge• Department of Electronic and Physical Systems: Covering a wide array of technology involving electrons and physics, from nanosized devices to the integration of multifunctional devices• Department of Intermedia Art and Science: Studies in creating intermedia that fuses science and technology with artistic expression, and the meaning of the new form of expression born from their interaction• Department of Computer Science and Communications Engineering: Opportunities for students include conducting advanced research in ICT through the fusion of computer science with communications and computer engineeringProgramMaster’s ProgramPure and Applied MathematicsIntermedia StudiesComputer Science and Communications EngineeringSeptember & AprilProgramDoctoral ProgramPure and Applied MathematicsApplied MechanicsElectronic and Physical SystemsIntermedia StudiesComputer Science and Communications Engineering9 (2017)Sept. intake: Mid Dec. to Mid MayApr. intake: End of Oct. to Early Nov.September & AprilEnrollment25 (2017)Sept. intake: Mid Dec. to Mid MayApr. intake: End of Oct. to Early Nov.Research Guidance Area• Algebraic Analysis• Algebraic Geometry• Algebraic Number Theory• Applied Probabilistic Models• Applied Statistics• Complex Analytic Geometry• Computing Language and Speech• Functional Analysis and Non-linear Partial Differential Equations• Geometry• Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations• Hyperbolic Geometry• Information Theory• Mathematical Economics and Game Theory• Mathematical Materials Engineering• Mathematical Statistics, Time Series and Finance• Mathematical Structures of Materials• Nonlinear Analysis• Nonlinear Systems• Number Theory and Theory of Special Functions• Numerical Analysis• Pure and Applied Mathematics• Real Analysis• Set Theory• Statistical Analysis for Stochastic Processes, Insurance Mathematics• Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes• Stochastic Analysis• Theory of Partial Differential Equations• Theory of Relativity• TopologyPure and Applied MathematicsProgram startApplication periodEnrollmentProgram startApplication periodWaseda University 201921


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