Starting to Use the Waseda-net Portal

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What the Waseda-net portal is

The Waseda-net portal is a “gateway to services” in order to access the multitude of information going about the campus. Using the Waseda-net portal make you get the information you need more quickly. You can also use it after graduation to get information on the alumni association, lifelong learning, and career development.


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What to do when starting to use the Waseda-net portal

1 Acquire your Waseda-net ID矢印2 Attend the computer security seminar for new students矢印3 Take and pass a test on information ethics

1. Acquire your Waseda-net ID

  • Your Waseda-net ID is the user ID you need to login to the Waseda-net portal.
  • Your Waseda-net ID is also used as an e-mail address.
  • Your Waseda-net ID is also used after graduation as a lifetime address.
  • Your Waseda-net ID and password are used as the user ID and password to use computer rooms, wireless LAN connections, DHCP connections and other services.
What you need to get your ID
1.A computer connected to the Internet (you can use a computer room
2.Your“Waseda-net Portal: User Copy”
Procedure for getting your Waseda-net ID
See HERE for the procedure for getting your ID.
About the “Waseda-net Portal: User Copy”

The “Waseda-net Portal: User Copy” is one of the documents given out to new students entering Waseda University before they enroll or distributed at the orientation guidance (or similar) at the time of enrollment.
If you have lost your copy of the “Waseda-net Portal: User Copy,” please bring your student ID card (or your examination card if you have not yet been issued a student ID card) to the Offices for Password Reissue (in Japanese).
If you have not got a copy of the “Waseda-net Portal: User Copy,” inquire at the administration office of your faculty or graduate school.

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2. Take a computer security seminar for new students

Students enrolling at Waseda University (save for graduate students and non-degree students) must take the computer security seminar for new students. If you do not complete both of these within the time allotted, your use of the Waseda-net ID will be stopped.

[Important] Notice to the Fall 2014 New Students
Frequently Asked Questions (in Japanese)
Use of Waseda-net for New Students

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Changing your password

Password Change is from the Following Day
You are not able to use the password-change function on the day you get your Waseda-net ID. Please change it promptly from the following day.
How to Change Your Password
See HERE for how to change your password.

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Use of computer rooms and network services

While you are attending the university, you are able to use the university computer rooms and intra-university network services.
The user ID and password needed to use these services is your Waseda-net ID and your Waseda-net password.

Points to note for the day you are issued your Waseda-net ID
For the day you are issued your Waseda-net ID only, the initial login ID to Waseda-net in your “Waseda-net Portal: User Copy” is your user ID for the computer rooms and intra-university network.
The Waseda-net ID you have acquired will be able to be used normally as your user ID from the following day.
Use of the computer rooms
See HERE for how to use the computer rooms.
See HERE (in Japanese) for the equipment and availability of the computer rooms.
Use of the network services
See HERE (in Japanese) for how to use the network services.